• Cannibalism Legalized 1 cannibalism

    Cannibalism Legalized

    Mad Scientist On March 3, 2018, biologist Richard Dawkins advocated eating human meat. He was perplexed for some odd reason that there may even be a taboo against cannibalism. He hoped it would become a reality by the end of 2018. Really? Am I being punked right now? Dawkins based his urge for this on there being no desecration, no killing, no corpses & no bad consequences at all. Therefore, with no negativity humans would come to his realization and just enjoy it. There is no way in hell any person, sane, would commit to this. I think most people don’t even like the idea of eating cloned meat whatsoever,…

  • Social Media Killing Our 1st Amendment! 2 cannibalism

    Social Media Killing Our 1st Amendment!

    Amending Social Media! It seems as if tech companies are having more say and are being given more power to restrict the speech of all types. Recently the American Defamation League has come out with a video on how they plan to control content. The companies that favoring this trend are Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google, YouTube parent company. Now the question is are these companies doing this based on ideological reasons. Are the public companies infringing on the 1st amendment? Are there any more conduits for free expressions? The American Defamation League has created an online hate index that detects hate speech using artificial intelligence algorithms. It will gather…

  • 74 Children Missing From Kansas Foster Homes 5 cannibalism

    74 Children Missing From Kansas Foster Homes

    Where Are They Kansas? I cannot seem to wrap my mind around how more than 70 children went missing from the Kansas foster care system. Not one person seems to know where they’ve gone. Lawmakers have no idea what has happened and when Kansas State Senator Laura Kelly asked the Department of Children & Families, they knew nothing of it. The outrage began in late last year in 2017, most of the children missing are young girls. Two of the specific contractors are KVC & Saint Francis Community Services. Kansas is the first state in the country to privatize its child welfare system in 1996. Is this the reason for…

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    American Prisons Numbers

    These Are The Numbers… Since 2015 126,000 prisoners were held in privately operated facilities under the jurisdiction of 29 states and the federal Bureau of Prisons. That’s an 83% increase since 1999, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. The total U.S. prison population increased by 12% during that span. Both the private and overall U.S. prison populations have declined at a steady pace though. The private prison population has shrunk by 8% since its peak in 2012, while the overall prison population has fallen by 5% since its peak in 2009. The state private prison population peaked in 2012 with 96,774 prisoners, while the federal private prison population reached…

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    Is Israel Becoming A Problem?

    Why Israel? The Israeli government allows Jewish people to have guns but do not permit non-Jewish people to own guns and have sentenced many Palestinians to 20-year prison sentences for throwing rocks. 75% of Americans believe we should stop sending aid to Israel and that same 75% believe we are sending too much money to Israel. Facebook & Google complies with 95% of Israeli Government commands to delete content that the government says incites Palestinian violence, inciting content or opinions simply criticizing the state of Israel, while YouTube complies with 80%, Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked says. When confronted with these claims Facebook, Google & YouTube representatives declined to comment.…

  • Social Media Linked To Suicides & High Rates Of Mental Illness 6 cannibalism

    Social Media Linked To Suicides & High Rates Of Mental Illness

    Social Media Poison Social media is causing a global mental health crisis among young people, according to the chief of a university hit by suicides among students.Hugh Brady, vice-chancellor of Bristol says the burden of social media is causing astronomical effects of depression, suicides & severe mental breakdowns. The rise has also seen increased record-breaking frequency across the globe to student counseling services. The false imagery of perfection glorified by social media outlets like Instagram & Facebook are mounting pressures on persons across the globe. As if the burdens young people face every day aren’t complicated enough, they have to implement false imagery of perfection and extreme happiness all the…

  • Best Pro Wrestlers Ever 8 cannibalism

    Best Pro Wrestlers Ever

    Best Wrestlers Ever What makes someone the best wrestler ever? Okay, it starts off with how good they were in the ring, on the microphone, their mainstream appeal & legend. The Undertaker He is “The Phenom” and the impact he has had on the sport has been tremendous, but his legend is solely in my opinion sewed up in 1 word, WRESTLEMANIA. Nature Boy Ric Flair In my estimation and many out in the universe, he is the greatest professional wrestler of all time. 23x’s the World Heavyweight Champion. A 40-year career, that has had its ups and downs, but when you are a record-setting champion across all forms of…

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    How Tough It Is For Minorities?

    Let me get this right from the shit i just watched that was sent to me…… whites against trump are okay but whites for trump have white privilege? Hispanics who vote for trump are seen as traitors, but those who did not are seen as freedom fighters? Black people who vote democrat are prideful and those who are not are seen as race self hating wishful white people? What the fuck is wrong with people! In this country people can do whatever the fuck they want that does not break the law. We have individual freedoms that are granted to us by constitutional backing regardless what the fuck law enforcement…

  • White Privilege!!! 17 cannibalism

    White Privilege!!!

    This is an excellent argument against white privilege. All people are born in different circumstances. Yes, some of those are better, yes, some of those are worse, but if you don’t have equal rules that apply to everyone … it matters where you end up in life and what direction you’re going, not where you started. If you think that where you started is where you end up, then you’re living in a tyranny. If you think that where you started should not determine where you end up, then you’re in favor of freedom and you should get out-of-the-way, instead of just wandering around talking about how lack of privilege…