Trump to be IMPEACHED still? Well, Senator Warren calls for President to be booted over Mueller report.

This is what she had to say:

She needs to get real about the Mueller report, the report clearly vindicates Trump’s innocence regarding Russian collusion. She’s in Congress and all she is doing is barking. She of all people should know if the House votes to impeach the Senate would have to vote to convict him in order to remove him from office. Impeachment is 100% unlikely, and the removal from office by a GOP Senate isn’t going to happen. This is rhetoric that has no grounds except that it’s based on anger. The only thing she’s even electable on is her anger for Trump to other Democrats.

She had the nerve to falsely call out the President regarding “his own disloyal behavior” but what was disloyal? Do you mean the behavior they didn’t find any of? She helped set this situation up to investigate behavior that never even happened over crimes that never even happened.

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There are no Constitutional grounds for impeachment shown in the Mueller Report or anywhere else, Senator Warren is, in fact, doing the very thing she professes to be against in the same way in what she calls Trump out for, using political hyperbole. I give her kudos for playing into the moment and trying to raise campaign money.

The biggest question is how do you obstruct something that had no basis being investigated since there wasn’t any crime?

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