Apparently, it looks like Robert Mueller has come to a deal in which he will testify in front of Congress about his findings in the ‘Mueller Report’. According to Reuters, the Head of the House of Representatives, Jerry Nadler, told them all they are waiting for is to set a date, and they’re looking forward to his testimony sometime this month.

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Nadler is the man who disclosed the letter that Robert Mueller sent to AG William Barr regarding Mueller’s dissatisfaction about the way his findings were misrepresented and which have led to public confusion.

Breaking News: Robert Mueller to testify in front of Congress 2 Robert Mueller

In the letter, Mueller raised concerns about Barr’s assertions to Congress especially when it related to whether or not Mueller was not able to reach a legal conclusion on whether the president had obstructed justice despite presenting evidence of occasions where President Trump may have impeded the investigation.

Below is a copy of Mueller’s letter to AG Barr:

Mueller’s Report says “While this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.” However, many on the left argue that there were many instances in which President Trump obstructed justice, 11 specifically they argue. But if there weren’t any crimes in the first place what was Trump obstructing?

As AG Barr took questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday he adamantly defended his handling of the Mueller Report and was resolute in denying that he has not been protecting the President. William Barr was asked how he felt about Robert Mueller testifying, he said: “I have no objection.”

Regardless of what happens and when it Robert Muller does actually testify the world will be watching, and Capitol Hill will be MUST SEE TV.

Breaking News: Robert Mueller to testify in front of Congress 3 Robert Mueller

The politicizing of this investigation cannot continue, it cost American taxpayers nearly $30 million and that’s not okay, there were 0 findings, there weren’t any crimes committed and the fact that people can’t see that is baffling.

Lindsey Graham was correct in his assertion yesterday, “My takeaway from this report is we’ve got a lot to do to defend democracy against Russians and other bad actors.”

When it’s all said and done and Robert Mueller testifies, who will win? Has Trump already won? Will it make a difference? If what Mueller says vindicates Trump on that stage, how will the left react? If it does indicate Trump does this guarantee a landslide win for 2020?

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