On Monday the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals court ruled that whistleblower Chelsea Manning will not be released from jail following her refusal to testify in the WikiLeaks grand jury investigation against Julian Assange. Chelsea has been in prison since March 8 bringing the total to about 50 days.

This is absolutely ridiculous, Manning should never have been jailed in the first place. She’s being punished because of the bravery she took in regards to the war crimes she revealed. She’s paid her dues. Now she’s being used to build a case against the Bill of Rights that were supposed to protect her not be ripped away from her.

Manning cant get around this and simply appear and exercise her 5th amendment right, because of immunity, Manning cannot be subject to self-incrimination, so no protection under 5th.

Chelsea Manning Denied Bail - Refuses to Testify Against Julian Assange 2 Chelsea Manning
Statement by Chelsea Manning & Her Lawyers

What’s ironic is any testimony that she’s forced to give should be inadmissible in a court of law since she’s being coerced by God only know who. I think they’re pressuring Manning to give false testimony because they have zero evidence to support any indictments concerning Assange and Wikileaks. As they keep her there under coercion it begins to head towards abuse, intimidation, it clearly becomes politically motivated.

She exposed government secrets to a man who had the capabilities to show them to the world because evil was taking place. She may have had orders, but should every soldier simply be a pawn and follow immoral orders, regardless of the law? These are crimes against humanity. She along with Julian Assange have attempted to make the world a better place to ensure the acts of evil committed in the shadows be brought to light and made transparent.

Chelsea Manning Denied Bail - Refuses to Testify Against Julian Assange 3 Chelsea Manning

This just shows how afraid the government is of the American people finding out what they really do. The truth is the enemy of these evil people. Truth and trust is a must in a free society. Free manning, she may have broken the law but when the law itself is wrong and becomes unconstitutional by harming people who do good for their fellow man, the law, in turn, is broken.

What are your thoughts on this Chelsea Manning situation?

Chelsea Manning Denied Bail - Refuses to Testify Against Julian Assange 4 Chelsea Manning
#FreeAssange #FreeManning

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