Nikki Haley Not Ambassador Worthy

I am disgusted and disappointed that United Nations Ambassador representative for the United States walked out yesterday of a Security council meeting. She walked out right before the Palestinian envoy began to speak. Actions like this will simply cause much larger problems down the road between the United […]

Netanyahu Destruction

Trump stop protecting Israel’s oligarch. Netanyahu is destroying the world. His leadership or lack thereof, has become a detriment to the state of Israel and the world. According to Al Jazeera, since the protests have begun on March 30, 90 Palestinian have been killed and over 12,000 injured. […]

🔪U.S. Soldier Suicides & More

Suicides account for over 1% of all deaths in the United States and are the tenth leading cause of deaths in this country ( What the hell is going on here??? I mean seriously WHAT IS HAPPENING! And Why? Social Media When I was a child I never […]

The Finflam 2018 NFL Mock Draft

It’s that time of the year again, the time in the NFL Off-season where dreams are created and crushed. The time of year where fans become hopeful or hopeless. This mock draft will include all 32 1st round selections. Criteria for the picks are things I expect to […]


When you get up your scent lingers, I can feel your touch when you’re not even there. Secret kisses, Countless hours of love. This sunny rainy day brings a smile to me with the tears of angels falling down. Cleanse our hearts, Cleanse our spirits. What time is […]

Sweet Talker

Smooth words escape your lips, Lies hide behind your eyes. Hey Sweet Talker, What do you see in my eyes? Do you know what I am going to say? Can you feel the tension in my heart? Can you hear the whispers in my heart? My heart is […]

The Death Penalty – A Perspective

Is It Worth It? Life is precious and it’s very special. Living life is a persons right. No man should have the right to tell me when and how I should die. Two wrongs never make a right. If I were to kill someone does it constitute the […]

The Quarterback Problem in the 2018 NFL DRAFT

Jordan Palmer ( former back-up NFL QB) “I’ve never seen anybody like Josh Allen” In today’s NFL the most important position is the Quarterback. A great QB can make your team and bad one will break your team. In 2018 NFL Draft, there could be as many as […]

Ron Paul “Last Hope”

The Godfather In the perfect world, we should’ve witnessed a Ron Paul Presidency. I think Americans wanted to change too late. He was the change we needed and has the change we so sought in 2016. Why Ron Paul? There is only 1, and will ever only be […]