Top 5 in MLB, NFL & NBA Now

Here are my top 5 lists for the 3 major sports right now in the United States. These lists are clearly subjective and based upon what & who I think is clearly great right now. For me great athletes can be defined as consistent, motivated, mentally tough, gifted, […]

Johnny Carson’s Legacy

King of Late Night Johnny Carson really was the King of late night. I remember growing up as a child my parents, my uncles, my aunts & even my cousins would speak beautifully about their memories of the ‘Tonight Show’. When they spoke of it, it was with […]

Operation ‘Broken Heart’💔

Operation Broken Heart has been underway for the past several months. This operation entailed a highly targeted sting to trap sex offenders, traffickers and pedophiles. According to the Department of Justice, this sting took place during the months of March, April & May of this year. More than […]

Trumps Hidden Genius

Whatever tactics that are being psychologically committed by the President of the United States to the world just might be genius. The Process Trump’s international position according to Jeffrey Goldberg is under the umbrella of, “ We’re America Bitch.” His administration also depicts his doctrine from, “No Friends, […]

Within Myself

Within myself there is doubt, anger, deppression, frustration. Within myself there is nothing but empty dark places. The wind that you feel against your skin, is fire to mine. There is nothing I look forward to each day I wake. Its the same thing over and over again. […]

💘My Letter To You💔❤

The letter you never took. But I needed to give to you… You know, when I met you I didn’t think I was going to like you as much as I did. You sat down near me in back at the club, and we started talking, and pretty […]

The Month of May📰

Headlines Of The Month Here I give my recap of the biggest and most informative headlines of the month and give my take on them. -Roseanne- Canceling Roseanne is stupid, but yet the same network who is owned by the parent company Disney has been under investigation for […]

Trump Trophy Hunting Legalized

Trophy Hunting In America It’s appalling that the state of Wyoming has legalized game hunting of Grizzly Bears. The hunters will be allowed to kill up to 23 bears. For the first time in 40 years, the state of Wyoming will allow hunters to hunt and kill grizzly […]

Nikki Haley Not Ambassador Worthy

I am disgusted and disappointed that United Nations Ambassador representative for the United States walked out yesterday of a Security council meeting. She walked out right before the Palestinian envoy began to speak. Actions like this will simply cause much larger problems down the road between the United […]

Netanyahu Destruction

Trump stop protecting Israel’s oligarch. Netanyahu is destroying the world. His leadership or lack thereof, has become a detriment to the state of Israel and the world. According to Al Jazeera, since the protests have begun on March 30, 90 Palestinian have been killed and over 12,000 injured. […]