There was an air of anticipation as dignitaries and leaders assembled for the State of the Union address in Washington D.C. However, that anticipation gave way to a different emotion when an unexpected incident took place.

The Voice of a Grieving Father: Steven K. Nikoui

Marine Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui

The U.S. Capitol Police reported an unusual event which etched a wrinkle of discord in the otherwise solemn proceedings—51-year-old Steven K. Nikoui, a grieving father of a fallen U.S. Marine, was arrested.

A Marine’s story began less than a year prior in a place halfway across the world, in Afghanistan’s Kabul airport. 13 U.S. service members lost their lives in a tragic incident that reverberated not just among military circles, but in homes across the United States.

One amongst them was Marine Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui, the son of Steven K. Nikoui.

The young Marine had been bravely standing his post at the entrance to Hamid Karzai International Airport, a crucial gateway known as Abbey Gate, when a suicide bomb was detonated.

This devastating event claimed the lives of countless Afghans, 170 in all, alongside the American servicemen. The news of such a dreadful event arrived to Steven K. Nikoui.

His son’s service ended in tragedy, leaving him to bear the weight of grief.

Calling out Biden

Steven K. Nikoui Took a Stand at the State of the Union Address & was Arrested 2 Steven K. Nikoui
Steven K. Nikoui Took a Stand at the State of the Union Address & was Arrested 3

Fast forward to the State of the Union address. President Biden was delivering his speech when suddenly, a burst of voice rose above the formal murmurs, “Abbey Gate, Abbey Gate!”

It was a call that shocked the room and reverberated across the Congressional Buildings, a declaration that ended in the arrest of Steven K. Nikoui by Capitol Police officers.

The Abbey Gate, infamous for its tragic history, was no longer an ordinary entity. It had transformed into a symbol of Steven K. Nikoui’s profound sorrow, a testament to an unbearable loss.

He had loudly invoked this symbol during a time when the nation’s legislators and decision-makers were present, allowing the reality of his predicament to pierce the orchestrated proceedings of Congress. But his outcry was not met with tolerance or understanding.


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In response to his actions, U.S. Capitol Police booked Steven K. Nikoui on charges of ‘Crowding, Obstructing, or Incommoding.’ As per law, disrupting Congress in the Congressional Buildings is considered an offense.

A misdemeanor that carried with it the prospect of a $50 fine, a fee that seemed trivial in the face of the emotional distress that elicited this breach. I was not sure what would be the consequence to this frustrating outbursts by Nikoui but I’m glad it wasn’t extreme.

The incident shone a spotlight on the plight of families left to navigate their sorrow in the aftermath of war.

Florida Rep. Brian Mast shared news of the incident on the day of Nikoui’s arrest, further amplifying the narrative of this distraught father’s struggle.

In this narrative, Steven K. Nikoui’s actions stood in stark contrast to the measured tones of the State of the Union address. The ceremonial proceedings aimed at reflecting the state of the nation were disrupted by a visceral reminder of the pain experienced by those most affected by foreign policy decisions.

His outburst, emanating from deep-seated grief, underscored the stark realities often absent from the political agendas delivered at such august platforms.

My Take

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Steven K. Nikoui, during the height of political discourse, shone light on the profound cracks deeply etched in the hearts of many families like his, that have paid a high price.

His disruption, although punishable by law, is a stark reminder of the intersecting plane between policy and its human repercussions. A symbolic testament to a father’s love, sacrifice, and pain.

For even when the dust of war settles and policies shift, grief remains, nestled firmly in the hearts of those left behind.

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