Brian Cox, world-renowned for his role in “Succession,” has made headlines, not for his talent in front of the camera, but his strong opinions regarding organized religion.

Articulating his frank viewpoints on a recent episode of the “The Starting Line” podcast, Cox challenged a fundamental cornerstone of countless human cultures belief in God and sacred texts, specifically the Bible.

Cox’s main argument is that God and religion are creations of human imagination, engineered to control society. “If God says this and God does that, and you go, ‘Well, what is God?’ We’ve created that idea of God, and we’ve created it as a control issue,” proclaims Cox, vehemently standing against the belief system held by billions around the world.

The actor’s stand is arguably based on atheistic philosophy, which puts forth the notion that deities are constructs, formulated to establish regulatory norms within human societies.

Actor Brian Cox Torches the Bible as 'One Of The Worst Books Ever' 2 Brian Cox
LOS ANGELES – OCT 28: Brian Cox at the “The Etruscan Smile” Premiere at the Writers Guild Theatre on October 28, 2019 in Beverly Hills, CA

For Cox, the Bible serves not as a spiritual guide but a symbol of deep-seated patriarchy and misinformation. He denounces it as “essentially patriarchal” and “propaganda.” In his eyes, the Bible proceeds as “one of the worst books ever,” dismissing its influence and sacred status within many spiritual traditions.

Rooted in the foundation story of Adam and Eve, where Eve was spawned from Adam’s rib, Cox views the Bible as perpetuating gender inequality and misguided belief systems. He criticizes the blind acceptance of these narratives, accusing followers of being “stupid enough” to believe such tenets.

Cox, a seasoned actor known for his distinctively divisive opinions, had previously faced media backlash for echoing author J.K. Rowling’s anti-trans tweets and dismissing the growing “woke culture.” His assertion that religion manipulates people mirrors his previous challenges to societal norms and accepted mindsets. This controversial view builds upon his belief that faith should not be harnessed as a pathway to manipulate mass perceptions.

Watch Cox’s full interview above.

However, Cox does recognize a fundamental human need to believe in something higher or transcendent. He argues that, instead of relying on ancient narratives presented as Gospel truth, believers should pursue veritable truths. According to him, what people need is not blind faith rooted in what he considers lies but an honest pursuit of ‘truth’, a term he leaves undefined.

However, his labeling of these religious constructs as “mythology” leans towards a path of historical context, symbolism, and metaphorical interpretations.

Brian Cox’s perceptions on organized religion provide a horrifying insight into the complex relationship between human society and religion and their perception.

Listen To This Crap by Brian Cox

Actor Brian Cox Torches the Bible as 'One Of The Worst Books Ever' 3 Brian Cox
LOS ANGELES – AUG 2: Brian Cox at the “The Campaign” Premiere at the TCL Chinese Theater IMAX on August 2, 2012 in Los Angeles, CA

What gets me is this is the same guy that says he’d found his own answers to life’s biggest questions through acting, claiming that theatre is the “one true church” because it “is the church of humanity”. Shut The Fuck Up!!!

You got to be kidding me? The guy who says he doesn’t believe in imaginary beings or something that he can’t see or touch because it’s not practical, believes that playing in a imaginary role of somebody else is more realistic than reality itself. Shut the fuck up!!!

People wonder why that is staying for Hollywood liberals is so high, this is one of the reasons right here. These actors, these people in Hollywood snark at somebody or some being be higher than they are but in reality these are the same people who don’t believe in God and have a destiny that will make them be lower than anybody else because of what they believe and who they don’t believe in.

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