I have to be the best. I have to win. I have to fight. I must draw blood. Someone who I dont know, blood is on my hands. Did I fight? Did I win? Have I conquered? Have I killed? But there is no weapon in my possession. […]

The Abortion Numbers Are Staggering!!!!

62,000 babies have been murdered 25 days in 2018 already. 531 babies were killed yesterday. 595 babies killed because of rape in 2018 so far. 19,000,000 babies aborted that are black since Roe v Wade in the U.S. alone. The Democrats and pro-choice people will go to hell. […]

The 25 Greatest Pros In Sports History

25 Greatest Pros Ever I have based this on what the people have brought and meant to their respective games individually. I base this rank on the legend of the man and or woman how they have transcended the game. You may not agree, but please leave feedback […]

Are We More?

Sometimes you can’t explain what you see in people. Some can take you to a place where no one else can. At times the ending doesnt always indicate who a person was, Its the journey in the middle that higlights who they are. #ReadBetweentheLines Facebook Comments

Just Love & Be Humble

You can never be unfaithful to your one true love😢. You always come back to that person. It doesn’t matter what you love, as long as u love it totally and completely without judgment. Do I know who she is? Yes. Has she realized it yet? Yes. Have […]

The Top 5 Worst Presidents Ever!

Worst Presidents Ever This list is solely my opinion. It will present the 5 men who have done harm to this country and served their duty the least to his fellow-man or woman as President of the United States of America. I will list 4 issues identifying those […]

How Tough It Is For “Minorities”

Let me get this right from the shit i just watched that was sent to me…… whites against trump are okay but whites for trump have white privilege? Hispanics who vote for trump are seen as traitors, but those who did not are seen as freedom fighters? Black […]

Free School Lunches For Everyone!

Every person in school K-12 should be allowed to eat for free. This shit is absolutely insane, pay for it, really?! This is why governments should not have a say so in the well being of another person unless it is protecting them, defending them, guaranteeing them the […]

The Power of Women

55% of voters are women 55% of college students are women 50% of people with graduate degrees are women, in 147 out of 150 populous cities make more money than men when they are fresh out of school, don’t have kids and spend the same amount of time […]

Single Motherhood

Single motherhood for black women has gone from 20% in the 50s and 60s to 70% today 2017. Why? The evidence is that violence escalates in every community that has an escalated level of single-motherhood. Go to the Department of Justice website, and you will see this is […]