What’s Your Story?

Margaret Atwood said, ” In the end, we’ll all become stories.” That! Well…there’s a 1,000 ways to Interpret it. Just live and work towards something that means something to you. But do it the right way. Don’t Cheat, you’ll rob yourself. Appreciate your story now for what it […]

American Prisons Numbers

These Are The Numbers… Since 2015 126,000 prisoners were held in privately operated facilities under the jurisdiction of 29 states and the federal Bureau of Prisons. That’s an 83% increase since 1999, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. The total U.S. prison population increased 12% during that […]

Is Israel Becoming A Problem?

Why Israel? The Israeli government allows Jewish people to have guns but do not permit non-Jewish people to own guns and have sentenced many Palestinians to 20-year prison sentences for throwing rocks. 75% of Americans believe we should stop sending aid to Israel and that same 75% believe […]

School Shootings By The Numbers & What You Need To Know

90 percent of public schools have a written plan for responding to school shootings, and 70 percent of those schools had drilled students on the plan. That’s a great thing right? But it’s more than likely to happen to someone by a person who does not have a […]

Social Media Linked To Suicides & High Rates Of Mental Illness

Social Media Poison Social media is causing a global mental health crisis among young people, according to the chief of a university hit by suicides among students. Hugh Brady, vice-chancellor of Bristol says the burden of social media is causing astronomical effects of depression, suicides & severe mental […]


These schools shootings should not dictate the law since it is so fresh in minds of Americans. We shall not be prisoners of the moment. Just some information about guns if you didn’t know. Americans own more than 280,000,000 million firearms. 1 in 3 Americans has a gun. […]

Goodbye Toxic People

“Don’t cling to a mistake just because you spent so much time making it”. A second chance doesn’t guarantee a new beginning, nor indicate a happy ending. It does entail lessons that we should learn. Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be & how […]

Words of Wisdom

“Chase the vision not the money, the money will end up following you,” said the CEO of Zappos. It really speaks volumes especially if you have a passion project or chasing the dream, and are currently struggling financially. However, those words make up an automatic boost of self-confidence […]

Top 5 Quarterbacks Ever!!!!!

Greatest Quarterbacks Here are my top 5 quarterbacks ever and 3 reasons why. I’m going to leave it short and sweet. #5 Brett Favre 1 SuperBowl 🏆 1. Statistics 2. Iron Man 3. Longevity/ Must See Ever #4 Dan Marino 1 SuperBowl APP 1. Pure QB 2. Record-Setting […]

Best Pro Wrestlers Ever

Best Wrestlers Ever What makes someone the best wrestler ever? Okay, it starts off with how good they were in the ring, on the microphone, their mainstream appeal & legend. The Undertaker He is “The Phenom” and the impact he has had on the sport has been tremendous, […]