Homeless numbers rising in the United States

The national average for homeless persons increased almost a full 1%. However it has increased exponentially in bigger populus areas like Sacramento, New York, Seattle, San Diego and Los Angeles. Los Angeles alone saw their homeless population increase a 1/4 and surpassing 55,000 people, according the Department of […]

Beware Trump, of Jared Kushner! He will bring you down!

Everything that has happened over the past few days and POTUS saying the things about Jerusalem and Israel, I think The World needs to realize and ask why Kushner has so much influence on him. I truly believe if DJT goes down it will be at the hand […]

Thank God! Really i mean it, thank God!

God has given advantages and disadvantages according to the portion, size, and purpose of God. No matter how others judge and measure, this does not change your value in God’s eyes. Be grateful for the wonderful grace of life from God. We aren’t perfect, we mess up and […]

God Me & My Life

Being strong is part of our destiny, just as much as it is in finding the strength itself. When you come to the end of life, you’re not going to answer to people, you’re going to answer to God.There will always be pressure to be this or be […]

Metered Water in Thames a Trick for Big Brother???👀

Putting meters in peoples water is pathetic. Bosses have warned that at present rates there will be a water shortage of 133 million liters of water per day – the amount needed by 850,000 people. Mark Todd, of comparison site Energyhelpline, told the Daily Mail: “It seems rather […]

Is killing animals for sport a bad thing

If what Michael Vick did was wrong with dogs, why is it the United States has and supports 6,000 preserves and exotic ranches at country clubs, gun clubs, ranches, etc., for killing animals for sport. You gotta figure those “hunters” cant hunt for real to feed their family. […]

The Clintons will go to hell!!!

A former Secret Service agent is threatening to release damaging information on Bill Clinton’s trips aboard the “Lolita Express” ‒ the notorious Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet. If Paula Deen can get fired for a slur she said 25 years ago, can’t Bill Clinton be arrested for raping Juanita […]

Donald Trump & the proclivity of a persons mind.

Let me get this right from the stuff I just watched that was sent to me…… whites against trump are okay but whites for trump have white privilege? Hispanics who vote for trump are seen as traitors, but those who did not are seen as freedom fighters? Black […]

Pharmaceutical Death!

This is why I never take pills or have liked them. If they recall 600 pills mass consumed by the public you gotta think why? If they recall birth control for women you better hope its to improve it but doubt it. Because of “The Pill” breast cancer, […]