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    ?Trump's Supreme Court ?

    Huge news this past weekend, and a tremendous victory for privacy rights. On Friday, June 22nd, 2018, the long-awaited outcome in Carpenter v. the United States was decided. The Supreme Court of the United States held 5-4 that police need…

  • Nikki Haley

    Nikki Haley Not Ambassador Worthy

    I am disgusted and disappointed that United Nations Ambassador representative for the United States walked out yesterday of a Security Council meeting. She walked out right before the Palestinian envoy began to speak. Actions like this will simply cause much…

  • U.S. Soldier Suicides & More 1 suicide

    U.S. Soldier Suicides & More

    Suicides account for over 1% of all deaths in the United States and are the tenth leading cause of deaths in this country according to Suicidology.org. What the hell is going on here??? I mean seriously WHAT IS HAPPENING! And…

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    Ron Paul “Last Hope”

    The Godfather In the perfect world, we should’ve witnessed a Ron Paul Presidency. I think Americans wanted to change too late. He was the change we needed and has the change we so sought in 2016. Why Ron Paul? There…

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    American Prisons Numbers

    These Are The Numbers… Since 2015 126,000 prisoners were held in privately operated facilities under the jurisdiction of 29 states and the federal Bureau of Prisons. That’s an 83% increase since 1999, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. The…

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    Is Israel Becoming A Problem?

    Why Israel? The Israeli government allows Jewish people to have guns but do not permit non-Jewish people to own guns and have sentenced many Palestinians to 20-year prison sentences for throwing rocks. 75% of Americans believe we should stop sending…

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    How Tough It Is For Minorities?

    Let me get this right from the shit i just watched that was sent to me…… whites against trump are okay but whites for trump have white privilege? Hispanics who vote for trump are seen as traitors, but those who…

  • White Privilege!!! 9 suicide

    White Privilege!!!

    This is an excellent argument against white privilege. All people are born in different circumstances. Yes, some of those are better, yes, some of those are worse, but if you don’t have equal rules that apply to everyone … it…