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In the perfect world, we should’ve witnessed a Ron Paul Presidency. I think Americans wanted to change too late. He was the change we needed and has the change we so sought in 2016.

Why Ron Paul?

There is only 1, and will ever only be 1, Ron Paul. Ron Paul is the proclaimed Godfather of consistency and ethics in U.S. politics. Paul, however, is retired now as of 2013. He was considered the most honest and intellectually sound candidate there had been in politics for decades. He got the name Dr. No because he never voted for a bailout, a deficit or anything the constitution didn’t permit. Ron Paul served in the United States Air Force in the 1960s and later practiced medicine in Obstetrician-gynecology.
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Ron Pauls political journey has been a unique one. He is a three-time presidential candidate. Two as a Republican and one as a libertarian. He served as a United States congressman for over 3 decades in the great State of Texas. He was dubbed the defender of liberty. How could you not want to vote for this guy?

The Ron Paul Revolution

Granted the revolution may have begun before the 2008 presidential election, but the Ron Paul Revolution was brought to the masses in 2007. When Ron Paul entered that stage amongst notable Republican candidates as Mitt Romney & John McCain, he stood out and shined. When he spoke in the first Republican debate and kept speaking there was something different, it was the truth we were hearing, not staged rhetoric.
Paul was consistent with his views and his implementation of ideology in American politics. He wanted no war unless declared by Congress, no federal reserve, reduction of big government, emphasized constitutional supremacy and obedience, shutting down the CIA, IRS, NSA and government departments, among many others. He was heavy on the withdrawal of funds and occupancies from foreign nations. But with these stances, mainstream media refused to cover Paul. But in the age of the internet, he was able to be heard. Because of the internet and the ideals, Paul represented he was the most searched term following the debates and even had more youtube subscribers than Barack Obama. The gorilla work he and his supporters put in had come to life.

However, despite his second run at the office, he didn’t get the party’s nomination. But Ron being Ron he refused to endorse any candidate, why? Because there were none worthy of his endorsement because there were no differences between them.

2012, the year that was. He was “the champion of liberty”. Ron Paul realized he was not going to win the majority in a Republican primary but he did find a way around it that could count, delegates. Paul was on a delegate strategy that would force a Republican convention. He knew to construct a strategy like this was doable since the delegate collecting has nothing to do with a popular vote when it’s more precise targeted voting. At the convention, his supporters were arrested, kicked out and threatened because the Republican establishment was afraid of the power they possessed.

Ron Paul never gave up. He showed what the little man can do when grassroots efforts pay off. If you have a great message that touches the hearts and souls of many Americans, we will listen. The struggle is when so many Americans seem brainwashed to follow the status quo, they fail to shed the continuity of old than to adapt to something new and better.

What’s happened because of it? There are so much hate and anger that has been perpetuated by the past 4 presidents. Stemming from polarization between race relations to class warfare and demonization of wealth & income inequality just to name a few.


I’m not a Republican anymore, I’m a Libertarian. But during the 2008 & 2012 elections, I saw what young and woke people yearned for. We saw Ron Paul and his message of liberty, freedom, and prosperity, it clicked. He was able to motivate people. He motivated Americans to care about rights, love of country and the United States Constitution. More than Obama did, better and differently.

Since 2008 I’ve voted for Ron Paul, even in 2016 when he wasn’t on the ballot. I voted my heart, soul, and conscience. I learned rhetoric wasn’t important if the action following it meant nothing coming from a liar. I then appreciated truth and facts, especially when spoken & carried out by an honest man. I have him to thank for making me a better judge of character. We have yet to hear a message close to his, and I doubt we will for a long time.

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It’s been eleven years since I first saw him capture an audience hungry for truth. We will never see anyone match him in intellect, consistency or integrity. For me and I assume many others, he was our last hope. But when I need guidance and truth politically, I can still find him on the thing that made people fall in love with Ron Paul, the internet (YouTube). He now has a youtube channel, the Ron Paul Liberty Report. I hope Ron is here for a long time, we need him. When that day comes, and the Lord takes him, the hero he became to so many will be missed, and we will be eternally grateful. Thank you, Ron Paul.

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