Social Media Poison

Social media is causing a global mental health crisis among young people, according to the chief of a university hit by suicides among students.
Hugh Brady, vice-chancellor of Bristol says the burden of social media is causing astronomical effects of depression, suicides & severe mental breakdowns. The rise has also seen increased record-breaking frequency across the globe to student counseling services.

Social Media Linked To Suicides & High Rates Of Mental Illness 2 Social Media

The false imagery of perfection glorified by social media outlets like Instagram & Facebook are mounting pressures on persons across the globe. As if the burdens young people face every day aren’t complicated enough, they have to implement false imagery of perfection and extreme happiness all the time. Social media and many people of my generation have not helped.

This burden of false imagery that “they” must portray strips away the most important thing most have been taught, but forgot, the individual. The forcing of people to fall into groups has risen by society across the board, and people do it now it seems subconscious since it has become such a norm.

How can a kid be a kid? How can they be themselves? While another child puts that pressure on his fellow mate, that same child faces the same obstacles. It has become toxic to a whole new level. How can those same children grow into an adult and find love, and yet when they do, it fails. Then we wonder why. Granted it’s not the entirety, but when investing in a relationship you should love that person for who they are, not who they portray.

Yet 99.9% of adults have seen the fakeness implemented on Facebook & Instagram by their friends and or themselves at least once. Brady also warned about the social media age, “It’s not OK to have a bad day.” He also suggested that Bristol University is looking at a detox program for social media users.

Everyone should take notice reading this and please share this with your friends and family. Thank you and God bless.


Social Media Linked To Suicides & High Rates Of Mental Illness 3 Social Media

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