Let me get this right from the shit i just watched that was sent to me…… whites against trump are okay but whites for trump have white privilege? Hispanics who vote for trump are seen as traitors, but those who did not are seen as freedom fighters? Black people who vote democrat are prideful and those who are not are seen as race self hating wishful white people? What the fuck is wrong with people! In this country people can do whatever the fuck they want that does not break the law.

We have individual freedoms that are granted to us by constitutional backing regardless what the fuck law enforcement does or says. We have more rights to do more than anyone in the history of the world with better checks and balances than anytime in human history. We know the world is fucked, but hurting or killing someone because they disagree with you is absurd when yet the constitution grants you the right to have that opinion you have. There is not one opinion that is better than the other, or human for that fact.

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