Best Wrestlers Ever

What makes someone the best wrestler ever? Okay, it starts off with how good they were in the ring, on the microphone, their mainstream appeal & legend.
The Undertaker

Best Pro Wrestlers Ever 2 Pro wrestlers

He is “The Phenom” and the impact he has had on the sport has been tremendous, but his legend is solely in my opinion sewed up in 1 word, WRESTLEMANIA.
Nature Boy Ric Flair

Best Pro Wrestlers Ever 3 Pro wrestlers

In my estimation and many out in the universe, he is the greatest professional wrestler of all time. 23x’s the World Heavyweight Champion. A 40-year career, that has had its ups and downs, but when you are a record-setting champion across all forms of sports, you’ve done something right.
Stone Cold Steve Austin

Best Pro Wrestlers Ever 4 Pro wrestlers

By far the biggest star in the history of the business. Austin set records after records and megaboomed pro-wrestling with his relatable character of breaking rules, spewing what you want & kicking your bosses butts.
Hulk Hogan

Best Pro Wrestlers Ever 5 Pro wrestlers

The BIGGEST name in the history of all pro wrestlers, the Babe Ruth of the business, The “Immortal” Hulk Hogan. The man known for the SLAM heard around the world. He slammed Andre The Giant in front of 93,000 people, the leader of the now. King of all Hulkamaniacs.
Kurt Angle

Best Pro Wrestlers Ever 6 Pro wrestlers

The man can move with anybody. He is the Ric Flair of this generation. He is the only Olympic Gold Medalist in the history of the business and for good reason. The man puts on clinics when he enters through those ropes.
Macho Man Randy Savage

Best Pro Wrestlers Ever 7 Pro wrestlers

My favorite of all time, the one and only king of madness, macho man randy savage. He could work with anybody and bring the best out the worst. The only man to compete with Hulk Hogan.
Shawn Michaels

Best Pro Wrestlers Ever 8 Pro wrestlers

The Showstopper, The Main Event, Mr. Wrestlemania, The Heart Break Kid Shawm Michaels. Even when he’s 78 he’ll be able to put on 5☆ matches. The man is that good and no matter what, he is perhaps the equivalent of the performer to Ric Flair.
AJ Styles

Best Pro Wrestlers Ever 9 Pro wrestlers

The Phenomenal One AJ Styles. If Kurt Angle was the new Ric Flair, AJ Styles is the Kurt Angle of this generation. He is that damn great, elevates the talent around him to deliver great match after great match.

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