James Carville Fires Back at Bernie! 'At least I'm not a F****** Communist' 1 James Carville

James Carville Fires Back at Bernie! ‘At least I’m not a F****** Communist’

There’s a war going on and it’s not on foreign soil, it’s in the democratic party. “Shots were fired” between Democratic front runner Bernie Sanders and former Democratic political strategist James Carville who lead Bill Clinton to the White House.

Bernie Sanders was not too happy with comments Carville made about him calling the Vermont Senator a “political hack” and saying that Americans don’t want socialism and they don’t want to be in a “cult”.

We got to decide what we want to be, … Do we want to be an ideological cult or do we want to have a majoritarian instinct to be a majority party?

James Carville on Bernie Sanders Campain

Carville went on to say “who wants to vote for a guy who’s 78” and “screams into a microphone.” Well, if that’s not the pot calling the kettle black I don’t know what it is, Carville is 75 and if you heard him speak, he yells.

Carville has never endorsed Bernie as he sees him as an ideologue and never being a member of the democratic party. Carville could be pissed especially because his guy Michael Bennett just dropped out the race Tuesday night.

Carville has also had a history of saying things that the democratic party doesn’t like when he said Hillary Clinton had more balls than Barack Obama, awesome. It’s ironic too because Carville also worked on Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2008 and she hasn’t had nice words for Bernie Sanders as of late either. Clinton said, “nobody likes him or wants to work for him.” Bitter Much?

On Anderson Cooper, Bernie said that his campaign and this movement he’s created is taking on the Republican establishment, the military-industrial complex, Wall Street, and people like James Carville who represent the Democratic establishment.

Carville fired back last night on CNN, “Last night on CNN, Bernie Sanders called me a political hack,” Carville said. “That’s exactly who the f— I am! I am a political hack! I am not an ideologue. I am not a purist. He thinks it’s a pejorative. I kinda like it! At least I’m not a communist.” President Trump has also called Bernie a communist every time he thinks about him.

I hope we see more because this stuff is gold, yet they talk about President defending himself, where the outrage?

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