Michael Avenatti has been found guilty in federal court on all three counts in his Nike extortion trial. Avenatti was charged with transmission of interstate communications with intent to extort, attempted extortion and honest services wire fraud.

Avenatti threatened to blackmail Nike publically for paying college athletes and in return, he wanted hush money.

Don’t forget that at one point in time that major news outlets were hailing this guy as a hero and potential Presidential candidate. I guess this puts him out of the running president, but if you ask me he’s now qualified to run the democratic party.

Avenatti was on your CNN dozens of times and considered a front runner for the Democrat Presidential nomination, did they know or suspect he was crooked or was he just that good? You know the answer. Trump met Stormy and took a photo. CNN has yet to air this on their network.

This is why getting too excited for someone you think would make a great candidate for Trump needs more real wisdom and understanding, oh wait, there isn’t anyone who can beat Teflon Don in any party.


Somebody check on Brian Stelter to see if he made it to his safe space to take this terrible news. This one was hard to write for CNN. I know Chris Cuomo aka FREDO might be throwing some people down some stairs later.

Avenatti still faces two more trials for allegedly stealing Stormy Daniels’ book advance and committing fraud in California. He is being held in jail for allegedly violating the terms of his bail in the California case as well.

Could you imagine with all his debt he would’ve done with your donations to his campaign? Avenatti faces sentencing in June at the latest and will appeal he said.

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