Elizabeth Warren Announces Presidential Bid

Today in Lawrence, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren officially announced her bid to run for president. She made an interesting comment today:

“I am tired of hearing that we can’t afford to make real investments in child care, college, & Medicare for all.” Senator Warren, I am not ready to double my federal tax to pay for your socialist policies. Doctors are already refusing to accept additional Medicare patients. Medicare for All would result in no private insurance, and few able to find a doctor. Can it be done? Yes, but not with this rhetoric.

Also, we still have the whole Native American issue to deal with. There isn’t a problem with claiming that you’re native American but when you’ve used it have an advantage over someone else is irresponsible and unethical. She barely has any native American blood in her. Just recently The Washington Post obtained Warren’s registration card for the State Bar of Texas, Warren claimed she’s native American when asked to identify what race she was, Warren wrote in “American Indian”. I don’t think this sits well with most people considering she’s taking a spot away from another person of color. Moreover, especially if someone deserved it who is a minority or someone more deserving based off of capabilities alone. I’m even more interested to see how she identified herself on the paperwork to run for president.

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“Before there was an editorial every day lamenting economic inequity, Elizabeth Warren knew that stock prices don’t tell a full account of our country’s economic story. Medical bankruptcies and foreclosures and paychecks are part of that story, too.” Senator Warren said.

Sounds good right? But Senator Warren you have a salary of $174,000 and a net worth of around $15 million. Something smells funky. Unfortunately for these types of Democrats their identity politics are leading them to be increasingly unelectable. Any women they put forward no matter how competent or credible will be seen as a token representing extremist hypocrite lunatics with a straight white male hating agenda.

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