Apparently, the Department of Homeland Security has operated a fake university in the Detroit suburbs as part of an undercover operation to lure undocumented immigrants seeking to obtain student visas. The front office was apparently set up and staffed with undercover agents working for DHS.

The fake university set up by the feds in Farmington Hills, MI, enrolled 600+ students, but there were no actual classes, says indictment. United States Attorney Matthew Schneider said, “the well-intended international student visa program can also be exploited and abused”.
“The 600+ students who enrolled at the fake University of Farmington in Michigan had immigrated to the U.S. legally on student visas with other universities but then transferred with the hope of working in the U.S. under a CPT (Curricular Practical Training) visa program, said prosecutors.”
All students who wish to study in the united states must first go through certain visa approvals granted by Homeland Security.

Moreover, the student who obtains the visa must stay enrolled and show continued progress towards the desired degree, if not they have 60 days until deportation.

This is how they waste taxpayer money? People are homeless, children are hungry, and parents are jobless but creating a fake university was important. How much did all this shit cost? If this operation costs millions why do it there? They’ve had plenty of opportunities with other established universities do so at lower cost. I can only think of two reasons why.

  1. Most universities lean heavy liberal, and immigration stings don’t sound too good for their reputation.
  2. The backlash could cost them hundreds of thousands if not millions, protestors, enrollment withdrawals, enrollment stoppage, and heated classrooms.

The elephant in the room here is they are in Michigan. Assuming they spent tons of money on this, but yet they haven’t fixed the water crisis in Flint Michigan?? It doesn’t make any sense.
However, the U.S. Attorney Matt Schneider will have to explain how this is not entrapment. The feds must have spread the word that it was a front & lured in recruiters, or it would never have flown. It’s a total waste of money for 8 people, multiple years, not even a violent crime or a drug involved. This is why the government shouldn’t touch your money, they don’t know what to do with it.

Listen I love Donald Trump, but a fake school named Trump University scammed 600 students, no classes and no teachers. Is ICE using the Trump business model his university did? The government has done this before using the University of Northern New Jersey as a front to accomplish the same thing.
This is both entrapment and fraudulent business practices by Homeland Security, and you would think someone would kick their fucking ass for it.

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