On Thursday evening the United States Supreme Court blocked a Louisiana abortion law that could have closed clinics from taking effect. Chief Justice Roberts joined liberals in this argument perhaps showing the court can indeed be balanced and institutionally respected despite criticisms. I say liberals loosely because the court was created to be objective, not subjective, to uphold the law and do what is best for the country’s interest. The court could still review the law at a later time. The court ruled 5-4 in its decision. The law was a pro-life abortion law that would require abortion doctors to have hospital admitting privileges.

The law passed in 2014 but had been in litigation disputes since, the law was supposed to take effect Friday one day after the courts ruling.

According to USLegal.com Admitting privilege is the right of a doctor, by virtue of membership as a hospital’s medical staff, to admit patients to a particular hospital or medical center for providing specific diagnostic or therapeutic services to such patient in that hospital. Each hospital maintains a list of health care providers who have admitting privileges in that hospital. Admitting privileges granted to a nonphysician is limited to treatment of patient independently, and admission of such a patient to a hospital requires a physician’s order. Admitting privileges of some physicians are limited to consultative services only. Isn’t the duty of the state to protect its citizens and most times isn’t the mother mothers healthy usually placed at the forefront of these arguments to protect her? Why wouldn’t you have a doctor that knows what he or she is doing, albeit wrong, to perhaps damaging the mother as well?

Admitting privileges have no effect on a doctor’s ability to provide abortions, which an earlier SCOTUS decision upheld. Louisiana was merely an appetizer for what awaits, knowing many more cases are coming and many Americans want Roe v. Wade overturned now. With pressure from the President and justices like Kavanaugh and Gorsuch it’s not out of the reach of possibility.

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Unfucking Real?

For many, bodies actually belong to the one who created us, God. Men or Women should not have the right to kill an innocent human being trying to survive. God is the only one who should decide life or death. People don’t have to be religious to know killing people is wrong. I hear arguments all the time keep God and religion out of politics etc., but people ignorantly forget this country was founded “Under God” and God is always involved. He wants us to just trust him in all times, not just in good times. Nobody creates themselves, God chooses us.

God gave us “free will” meaning we are able to make preferably good decisions, not bad ones. God wants to work through things with him and not take the easy way out. Jesus could have saved himself, but didn’t for all of us.

One more thing, I find it incredibly odd and somewhat perplexing, depending on his reasons, that justice is a self-proclaimed pro-life Republican and was chose to fill that position because of it voted for in the opposition. I understand what I said prior but that’s just question I have.

Kavanaugh is the only justice to write a dissent from the Court’s stay order in June Medical Services v. Gee. He cites procedural reasons and assumes the Court will take up the case in full next term.

Supreme Court Blocks Louisiana Abortion Law 2 Supreme court

If the timeline is accurate the Court could schedule the case for a rare May hearing. This being postponed in this manner would allow SCOTUS to hand out a major abortion decision during the 2020 election.

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