Well, it’s a hot topic as of yesterday with Tim Tebow’s passionate argument that received tremendous criticism with him coming out against college athletes getting paid. Tebow called athletes who want endorsements selfish and an act of immorality.

I think he has legitimate points however it’s not right that those universities make millions off of athletes and yet the players receive nothing. It’s just not fair. What he doesn’t consider is that most people who attend college don’t have money, and the ones on an athletic scholarship only have them for one year.

Tim Tebow is a charitable human being and it has absolutely nothing to do with his opinion on this. Nobody can ever refute what he did in college sports, hell even just the other day ESPN ranked him as the number quarterback in college football of all time.

Do you Agree or Disagree with Tim Tebow on Whether or not College Athletes Should be Paid? 1 Tebow

It’s an incentive argument because what about the students who go into thousand of dollars of debt and don’t go anywhere professionally after their sting there? Should they sleep in their cars and go hungry because they brought limelight to a school that won’t protect them when’s it’s over?

I respect his argument but it’s more than black and white, it truly is. I respect Tebow for who he presents himself to be as a man but it’s cringe-worthy albeit passionate topic that affects so many people.

If they do receive an option on getting paid, all athletes should get laid the same and have an opportunity to make money off of endorsements. This is why the XFL will work this time because if it’s not allowed for college athletes Vince McMahon has the fortune to turn everything upside down in talent being deterred from joining a university or college.

What are your thoughts?

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