It seems everyone surrounding the HOF quarterback was urging him to get back on the gridiron and resume to play that spot for the Colts.

“No teams called, but I had a lot of friends and family, you know, ‘Hey, the Colts could use ya!'”

Should Brett Favre come out of retirement if he's able to play?

Don’t worry, Favre immediately shut down the idea … saying, “No, they couldn’t use me. I squashed that very quickly.” But c’mon we know Favre and we really don’t trust it. That itch will never go away and I see it being a reality soon enough given the fact that Brett has a good relationship with Mahomes and would come out of retirement to play against him. Box Office!

“It’s really comical at this point because, look, I’ll be 50 in three or four weeks. And, I’ve been far enough removed from football that I can’t even believe people would think that I would consider coming back.”

Brett Favre Says Family Urged Him To Play Again After Luck's Retirement 1 Favre

Favre says if this were 8 or 9 years ago … he’d give it some thought, but he tells us there’s just no way his body would hold up if an NFL team gave him a spot on their roster.

“I slip off the couch and the next day I can’t even walk anymore,” Brett says. “So, I just kind of get a laugh out of it.”

Please come back Favre you’re the most must-see quarterback ever against today’s most must-see quarterback in Mahomes. The comparisons have been made since day one.


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