Protesters in the Senate gallery appear to have just thrown menatrual blood onto the floor. It hit Senator Hurtado and landed on some of the Senators’ desks. The senators have left the floor.

Prior to them doing that he supposedly yelled out, “this is for the blood of dead babies.” Some of the restrooms in the building have been discovered to have multiple traces of blood as well.

After the incident, anti-vaccine protesters in the Senate balcony raised their fists in the air.

Anti-Vaccine Protesters Throw Blood on Senators 1 Vaccine

They should have all been arrested, protest k peace because Allowing kids to act this way leads to worsening behaviors and God only knows what going forward.

California Senator Hurtado (below) was also splashed with blood dumped from the balcony by the protestor of the bill restricting exemption for vaccinating children. The session did reconvene later on a different floor. The incident happened on the Legislature’s last scheduled day of business for its annual session.

Anti-Vaccine Protesters Throw Blood on Senators 2 Vaccine

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