Bette Midler has a severe distaste for President Trump none more evident than Wednesday when she accused Trump of paying black supporters at his campaign rally in a tweet.

She’s received backlash for her comments from conservatives been being called a condescending racist. Especially because if you look at the context from a liberals perspective, some, think that they should automatically be a democrat or left-leaning.

People are allowed to think what they want. Bette you come from New York and from nothing and for you to say something like this, from the meca of diversity, New York, in this country, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Could you imagine if a conservative said the exact same thing about a black person at a democratic, liberal event? Hypocrisy. The President has yet to chime in on this, remember he called her a “washed up psycho” so this could get interesting.

Kirstie Alley even came for Bette calling it one of the most racist and degrading tweets/jokes on Twitter she’s ever seen.

As of Thursday, “The Wind Beneath My Wings” songstress hasn’t deleted the controversial tweet from her account, where she has since commented about former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony. If you recall something almost similar happened last year regarding one of Yoko Ono’s tweets that involved the N-word.

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