Do not underestimate the power and courage of the people. Well done Puerto Rico ??

Governor Rossello has resigned vía Facebook live, after 12 days of protests by people of the island demanding he step down. He says he will step down Friday, Aug 2. The governor had committed several offenses and one misdemeanor, including illicitly using public resources and services for partisan purposes, as well as allowing government officials and contractors to misuse public funds and time for non-government work.

The governor in his recorded message urged people to stay orderly. “What I wish most is peace and progress for my people,” he said. More half-million people paralyzed metropolitan San Juan in protest Monday marching across one of the main highways despite heavy rain in a “March of the People” that ended late in the night as police fired tear gas canisters. His resignation was inevitable.

Governor of Puerto Rico Announces Resignation 1 Puerto Rico

Let this be a warning for future governments around the world people care and good people are watching, your time of corruption is over. This wasn’t just a protest, this was a revolution against corruption. You’ve been warned Deep State, you’re next.

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