Yesterday on a snowy day in Minneapolis Senator Amy Klobuchar announced her bid for the presidency. The Minnesota senator is said to be moderate with a bipartisan record, she is the fifth woman in Congress to announce. Her platforms include universal healthcare, gun control, criminal justice reform, a crackdown on big techs violation on privacy and the environment.

Here is a little from what the senator had to say yesterday:

“Today we say enough is enough. Our nation must be governed not from chaos but from opportunity. Not by wallowing over what’s wrong, but by marching inexorably toward what’s right. That’s got to start with all of us.”

Senator Klobuchar has been in the news as of late because of staffers coming out against her as a boss. Since she’s been in Congress she has had the highest staff turnover rate Her former employees spoke to the Huffington Post in anonymity and claimed she constantly belittling and has severe anger tirades where it became difficult to work alongside her.

From sources who approved of her as an employer, they thought of her as a hardass, that she demanded perfection, put in the hours to prove she worked hard and expected the same from everyone else. This sounds like many of the coaches I had growing up. The realities of her as an employer will be displayed for the world starting now with her campaign staff.

A lot of this I’m sure can be attributed to her time as a top prosecutor in Hennepin where she had a reputation as tough on crime and prosecuted more drug offenders than anyone and had them fave longer sentences than anyone prior according to The Daily Beast.

This was also a time when they use to call Minneapolis Murderapolis. During this time they had high rates of elder and child abuse, gun violence and crimes of all sorts, hell even prosecuting one of Minnesota’s biggest sports stars at the time, Kirby Puckett. With her tough ass mentality and a soft generation now, how will people see her? That tough on crime mentality doesn’t really sing the same tune anymore as it did two decades ago. Much of that mentality is what had led to backlash and outrage over overcrowding prisons and unjustly sentences.

President Trump clapped back at her announcement today, I love trump and I love politics, this is what he had to say:

The Senator instantly started a Twitter war with president responding and aiming for the president ego in the form of hair.

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