Donald Trump shocked the world in 2016 when he won the election to become President of the United States.

Nearly four years later, Donald Trump made it clear last November as he declared he was running for the office of the presidency for 2024.

Many people were asking if Trump would get a fairshot at running for president again, it’s crystal clear he hasn’t as another indictment looms.

Deep State?

The concept of the “deep state” has become a popular term in recent years, referring to a group of influential individuals who allegedly manipulate and control government policies and decisions. While the existence and influence of the deep state is a highly debated topic, there are claims that it opposes the potential re-election of Donald Trump in 2024.

People often dismiss the term “deep state” as if doesn’t exist or if I’m crazy for even bringing it up, but if you simply look at the mess surrounding Donald Trump and his numerous charges in multiple indictments there’s no denying there’s something sinister at work.

These individuals have been working against Trump since he came down that escalator with Melania and have opposed him, his candidacy, policies, and followers ever since.

Here are 10 reasons the deep state wants Donald Trump out in 2024:

Trump is unpredictable and has often gone against the status quo – this makes him a threat to deep state interests, who prefer stability and predictability of their outcomes. This includes the CIA, the FBI, and whatever other alphabet organization you want to put in there.

Trump’s policies while president weakened many of the organizations that are controlled by the deep state, such as the United Nations and NATO.

Trump had enacted major tax cuts, which reduced the amount of money flowing into government coffers and thus weakened the power of the deep state.

Trump’s America First policies placed US interests above those of other countries, something that goes against the globalist agenda favored by many deep state actors. Trump’s administration pursued a more nationalist and populist agenda, challenging some of the established norms and institutions that has been upheld for decades.

Trump’s foreign policy has led to increased tensions with China, a country that is heavily supported and controlled by the deep state.

10 Reasons The Deep State Wants Trump Gone 2 Deep State

Trump has been successful in reducing illegal immigration into the United States, something that goes against the interests of many powerful individuals who benefit from an influx of cheap labor.

Trump revoked trade deals that were heavily favored by the deep state, such as NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Trump had been successful in reducing regulations on businesses, something that goes against the interests of many powerful individuals who want to maintain their control over the economy.

Trump’s policies led to a stronger economy and an improved job market, both of which reduced a chokehold that was around the middle and lower class families.

Trump’s rhetoric, although unsettling and controversial to some, while effective, continues to energize and mobilize millions of people who are opposed to the same old Washington which makes him a threat to their interests.

Are you Convinced?

No matter who you ask, It’s clear that Donald Trump is viewed as the major threat by many powerful individuals within the Washington and global elite. They’re doing everything they can to stop the momentum and derail his campaign at every chance they get.

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