This article is based on anecdotal evidence I encountered and hypothetical possibilities that I deemed more likely than not regarding President Donald Trump. All I’m asking is just think about this okay!

Did the establishment hate Donald Trump? Yes! Did the establishment or deep state want Donald Trump out or removed from Washington DC? Yes! Would they do anything or come up with anything to make sure he never came back to Washington DC? Yes!

With the two bologna impeachment conviction attempts falling flat on their face, are the deep state more scared than ever of President Trump? Yes, now more so than ever because he has a chance of returning to office in four more years.

They should be very afraid because to me it’s only just begun.

What would Donald Trump have lost if he was convicted?

If President Trump was convicted prior to January 20th of thisnyear he would’ve lost his access to health insurance, a pension, a $1 million travel allowance, the ability to run for office of the president in 2024, a government paid staff for his legacy, $500,000 annual budget for their spouse’s security and travel after leaving office.

If it wasn’t for a 2013 amendment he could’ve lost his secret service detail for life, but the law says he has guaranteed lifetime protection regardless of reason for leaving office.

Was Congress aiming to remove his security detail regardless of the amendment protecting his secret service protection? I believe so.

Nearly every news outlet I saw on television and news articles on impeachment I read were claiming he was going lose his security detail, but that was a lie, were they telling us something the democrats were aiming to push for post conviction? More than likely.

But Why?

Speaking to people actually invested into politics many of them couldn’t believe that Democrats would seek impeachment of a president post his time in office. Even in speaking to people who were anti-Trump voters, they found it very desperate and uncharacteristic coming from their own party (Democrat) after their task of removing President Trump was completed after four years.

Moreover, many Democrats I had contact with told me they didn’t truly believe Donald was the instigator of the January 6 Capitol riots. So why impeach him in the first place?

Well my belief is they were going to to do anything they could to destroy his chances at being president ever again, ensuring he would be unsuccessful in any future bid for office denying him the opportunity to threaten their future of the status quo ever again.

If he would have been convicted, the Democrats would have pushed for his security detail by the secret service to be revoked immediately and in my opinion that would have given them access to get him like never before, even prior to him being President Trump because they didn’t take him serious or believe he could win as candidate Trump in 2016.

Understand President Trump denied secret service protection prior to becoming president if I’m not mistaken because he trusted his own private security more so than the deep states government-funded secret service. It was even said on the news that Donald Trump refused to eat certain meals unless it was fast food because he was afraid to be poisoned because he knew people wanted to get rid of him.

We all know the CIA works in the shadows but I’m sure it’s a lot easier to target somebody who doesn’t have a security detail provided by the same government trying to destroy him, even if he has his private one. A

That just adds fuel to the fire and the fact that he was able to stay so many steps ahead of the establishment and the entire deep state had to piss them off even more.

The fact that Trump went into the CIA headquarters and buried them nearly threatening to shut them down took balls to do. Even Chuck Schumer came out and said the intelligence agencies were mad upset with him and almost warning president Trump not to threaten them because “they have many ways to get back at you.”

Then again, look at John F. Kennedy, so it’s certainly a realistic possiblity sadly.

Was the Deep State Pushing for Impeachment so they could Kill Donald Trump? 1 Donald Trump
Butler, Pennsylvania – October 31 2020: President Donald Trump waves goodbye to supporters after his rally at Butler Regional Airport. Photo by Keegan Beard

Donald Trump flipped the establishment on its head being his own boss and not being a puppet like the many presidents before him. He did more for minorities that I can remember than the previous six presidents combined. He waged a war with China on trade and intellectual property that needed to happen many many years ago that nobody ever had the balls to do.

Trump aimed to end the illegal immigration problem this country still faces by sending more man power on the border, having mexico work on their own southern border to prevent influxes of illegal immigrants while building a wall on the border that would stand up a lot better than the previous one.

He allowed sick people to get advanced medication to trials that they would never have had a chance to do before. His foreign policy actions were so democratic they hadn’t been seen since President John F. Kennedy was in office heading to North Korea and actually practicing democracy and speaking instead of invading a country and waging war.

He’s also been a huge proponent of hospital price transparencies and pharmaceutical costs going down. Trump had so many accomplishments I don’t really remember most of them and I wrote about so many of them.

What’s Next

The door is wide open in my opinion for President Trump to take the seat as president of the United States once again in 2024, and they’re scared because at nearly every turn of destroying his presidency the deep state failed with the exception of the latest presidential debacle.

Newt Gingrich said it best of why they hate him and I truly believe it and that’s the fact that Donald Trump is not a part of the secret societies that the rest of the establishment has been embedded in.

They tried to destroy him before he became president under the Obama administration, they tried to destroy him with phony witch hunts and two b******* impeachments costing taxpayers millions of dollars they should’ve been given back, while demonizing Trumo because his rhetoric wasn’t politically correct at the same time using his name in headlines making them billions, but ignored his accomplishments because it wasn’t part of the script they were suppose to obide by, all this (the latter) in the name of journalistic duty though, but they failed in all of it.

Where does the Deep State go from here? There’s only one answer and that’s the extreme. The New World Order accomplished one part of making sure he wasn’t reelected, but if it’s Donald Trump’s destiny and God’s plan for the American people to thrive and escape this evil we’ve been forced to swallow for generations, they will certainly go down burning in flames.

Donald Trump and his family need to be careful going forward and stay steps ahead to the deep state as he’s done throughout this entire journey regardless of the hiccups, because they won’t stop.

God wins in the end no matter who he chooses despite how imperfect those people are to lead his battles the reckoning of injustices are here and more are coming.

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