I recently finished rewatching “The Manchurian Candidate” for the first time in many years, not the original one, but the remake directed by Jonathan Demme, and starring Denzel Washington, which I believe to be a pretty good movie.

The film certainly does, as it should, make people think that the likelihood of a “Manchurian Candidate” existing and functioning in today’s world is an extreme possiblity.

Don’t believe me? Just think about it, it’s been over 60 years since the book was written! Even the biggest skeptic would concede there’s governments around the world more than likely using technology like this in action right now. The quickest example I can point out is the use of drones.

Think about it, the book was written in 1959 by Richard Condon, referring to technology that’s so advanced an implant posseses the ability to manipulate your neurological functionality, it’s ability to control someone is so powerful that a simple psychological prompt triggers a person, leaving the individual without the ability to be cognizant of what they’re about to be forced to do. It’s basically hypnotherapy materialized.

We are certainly past being within the realm of possibility in 1959, we’re in the stage of activation.

If Joe Biden is no longer president by 2024, is it a real possibility that the deep state plants a Manchurian Candidate?

A “Manchurian Candidate” is their “Hail Mary”

For decades we have heard people who don’t even pay attention to politics make accusations of political figures simply being puppets for a puppet master who’s working behind the scenes, this is it!

I posed this scenario because given Joe Biden’s age and what seems to be a cognitive dive from the president considering his age, speech, and my visual perception of the frustration that arises from Biden when he attempts to remember something.

You have to wonder if this man will be in office for another three and a half years? If not, then what? Kamala? Maybe, but that won’t be enough for the deep state to finally finish Donald Trump off in my opinion.

There’s been nothing but speculation around the 2020 election being a rigged election given how popular Donald Trump is, especially with as much media attention he receives good or bad.

This has led people questioning the voting process, the political establishments ability to govern, to the public losing whatever confidence they had left in mainstream media. Besides, I haven’t even started on the public’s outrage over whether Dominion’s voting machines are legitimate and efficient, most notable the My pillow owner, Mike Lindell.

I think it’s been extremely clear especially over the past five and a half years that the media and it’s political affiliations are corrupt.

Moreover, there’s one thing that they both have in common and that is ridding Donald Trump from the public eye as much as possible. This disables Donald Trump in the deep state’s eyes of having any power or voice in a Facebook or a Twitter, as they have both removed the former president from their platforms.

Big tech is so inflated with confidence that it’s going to back fire as they’re simply strengthening his base while creating a larger one.

With that said, once the deep state realizes what they’ve done, they’re going to go above and beyond anything we’ve seen to ensure they’ll never lose power. If Joe Biden is relieved of his duties willfully or not, expect the unexpected to happen as they will show their true colors.

There’s already been talk about the Democratic party being unhappy with Kamala Harris, who as a candidate in the primaries flopped out heavily, once Biden is removed what does the establishment expect her to do? Win? That’s not going to happen, and I especially don’t see it happening against Donald Trump when he runs in 2024.

Will There Be A “Manchurian Candidate” In 2024 If Joe Biden Is No Longer In Office? 1 Manchurian Candidate
A man watching the end of the world on an other planet #illuminati. Art by Morin Blc.

So who does that leave to run as VP along Kamala Harrison in 2024? Nobody good that’s who. I expect somebody who’s a wild card that can draw the same amount of populist intrigue and favor as Donald Trump, who will be entirely unexpected and unpredictable almost to the point where they are the mirror image of Donald Trump. Watch when this happens, the medias hypocrisy will go into overdrive as they’ll continue to bury Donald Trump in every way possible but praise this “Manchurian Candidate” who is the mirror image of the person they hate the most.

If we know anything about governments and deep states it’s that the people in power will do anything to keep it, no matter the costs. No matter what, whichever side you’re on, in the end God prevails and good conquers evil.

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