I just want to say if there was another platform for social media users to go to that has the outreach that Facebook has, I’d be on it.

But for now it seems that many publishers like myself are confined to the space where the platform itself takes away free speech, innovative thinking and constructive conversations that can truly be beneficial regardless of how uncomfortable it is.

The “FaceWellian” State

Facebook has taken another step towards the Orwellian state and is now asking you to rat out your friends as if this is back during the McCarthy hearings or Nazi Germany time, over content Facebook deems as extremist.

They want to know if you or someone you know have been subjugated to extremist content and whether or not you believe it may have radicalized a friend of yours, you’re f****** kidding me right?

“We are partnering with NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and academic experts in this space and hope to have more to share in the future,” said a Facebook spokesperson in a statement, to USA Today.

The prompt went live Thursday, which says, “We care about preventing extremism on Facebook. Others in your situation have received confidential support,” which users will then be redirected to a support page.

They’re advocating your friends or neighbors to literally report you, and so you won’t feel any pressure of getting caught, Facebook eases the narcs in cancel culture that they’re reporting is completely confidential. Sound like something that’s happened somewhere else in the world? Yup!

For years social media has amped up their attacks on the constitution of this country to the point the social police say we have to watch what we say, we must have a certain point of view, especially not a different one then the person who’s getting upset, and God forbid you’ve offended someone, you’re labeled as whatever the easiest ‘scapeword’ is of the day and so on…You know what, I’m not conforming!

My Take On Social Media’s Cancel Culture

I’ve been on Facebook for around 14 years, three of those suspended, because I said something offensive about George W. Bush. Even with that suspension, I’ve continuously used this platform because it is the best platform to communicate with your peers/family and out of all social sites it’s the best one to engage with new people.

For many years I have been outspoken about what I believe, who I support, who I don’t agree with, and what I want to do about things that interest me.

I’m a passionate guy and I believe myself to be a fair person who rarely blocks or unfriends anyone over their opinion. There’s always room for civility in conversation let’s not forget. I just don’t put up with trolls.

Yet i’ve lost relationships with people who I considered friends, close friends, and even some family members who in turn ended up unfriending me and or blocking me altogether over what I truly believe. I would never do that to them! What this confirms is that people are much more insincere than they lead us to believe, and that’s coming from me, a man that always has his guard up no matter who I’m around.

I’m sure thousands of people have already written on Facebook or on some other platform about people unfriending them over their fondness of the previous president, Donald Trump.

The irony is if these people who cut you off are left leaning and were willing to remove you because of Trump, aren’t their actions contradictory to their supposed beliefs of the left?

Don’t they live by the doctrine of Michelle Obama, “if they go low, we go high,” right? Aren’t they the party that’s supposed to accept people for who they are? Oh I forgot unless you have a different opinion than them.

What it really tells us is that the cancel culture police that aims to take down elitists are really a type of elitists themselves coming off as if they’re on another level than we are, when they can’t even do something as simple as have a conversation. It’s hypocrisy!

But you have to understand that if these people were your friends, family or whatever else that comes close to being a valued person to you, they really meant nothing in your life as you meant nothing to theirs, with the exception of a lesson. If they’re not willing to accept you for who truly are but you did them, they did you a favor and took out their own trash. However, it works both ways too.

The difference between Facebook and the gorvenment using people to snitch is that the snitches for the law are actually snitching on something unlawful. Facebook is outright exploiting cancel culture to the extent that they’re preying on your individuality and forcing your unique qualities into vulnerabilities they can use against you. Congress has got to do something about this.

Never forget that your individuality is the most important thing about you, and there will never be someone like you again on this earth. Use that individuality the best way you can regardless if there’s pressure to conform into something socially tolerable.

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