If you watched any of last week’s Republican National Convention, one thing stuck out, and that’s family, especially President Trump’s family, If I’m not mistaken the only family member to not speak from his immediate family was Barron Trump.

Prior to President Trump winning the presidency in 2016 everyone always thought the future figurehead/heir apparent would be Ivanka Trump because he spoke and boasted about her so much, even looking like his right-hand child, maybe she is! I mean she was the last person to speak at the convention right before he did, maybe he saved the best for last I guess, not sure.

The 2020 RNC certainly demonstrated what the future of the GOP for at least, well, the near future is going to look like, check out the other candidates I think we could see run for president on the Republican side of things in 2024, Don and Ivanka made that list too. It’s clear they’re very much much like their father but who’s more like him and which advantage will catapult them to a possible presidency in 2024?

Which Trump would you vote for if they ran in 2024?

The Trump Children

Donald Trump Jr.


Where do I start? You’ve heard the term “spitting image” well Don Jr. Is certainly that, mirroring so many characteristics and personality traits from the President. Some children would hate being named after their father given the spotlight and pressure but Don Jr. has thrived and is gaining in popularity especially in conservative circles.

Don has tons to prove to his father and family especially since he is the eldest child. Don has stood up to his dad since he was a kid even back to when he was 12 years old, he lashed out at Donald over the Marla Maples fiasco gunning for answers, “How can you say you love us?” not to mention they said Don spit at him during the argument and refused to talk to him for a year. 

That fire encompasses who we are as kids, that we can’t escape, we want to be so much different when we get older, at least we tell ourselves, but reality hits different. This shows his strength though. Don has been under pressure from the president even before he was born according to his mother who said Donald was not happy that she wanted to name their first son after him, asking, “what if he’s a loser?”

The successful sons of powerful people learn not just to live but to thrive in what may seem like their father’s shadow but will someday disappear and they will be the family’s patriarch.

Lawrence Levy, the executive dean of Hofstra University’s National Center for Suburban Studies

When I was first introduced to Don Jr. it was on The Apprentice where he sat by his father’s side oozing cockiness and giving off a certain smug attitude looking sharp with the slicked-back hair, reminding of the thick waves I used to dawn. Well not much has changed for Trump’s eldest son and that’s not a bad thing as I think it definitely helps him, yes he does have his father’s playboy ways but the number one thing I see he picked up from his father is his passion!

He may be passionate and some would even say combative but people listen when Trump Jr. speaks and at the end of the day that’s a main piece of the pie in politics, get them to listen. Last year Jr. did an interview with Bloomberg Radio where he didn’t rule out the possibility of running for president of the United States later in life, “We have a lot of time… My father decided to get into politics at 68. I’m 41, I’ve got plenty of time.”

If he runs against another Trump, know he’d love to defeat Ivanka as Jared buried Don Jr. regarding the Trump Tower meeting where he deflected responsibility and put all the blame on Don. The eldest son and his father do not look kindly on her husband regardless of what he has done lately, they don’t forget what he’s done prior.

Eric Trump

Will a Trump Victory in November Begin a Dynasty for the Trump Family in 2024? 2 Trump
Eric Trump delivers a pre-recorded speech at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, Aug. 25, 2020, on the second day of the Republican National Convention.Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images

If one thing is for sure, it’s that Eric Trump is being built for something special and perhaps the future titleholder of the President of the United States may be one of those in 2024.

Eric has definitely been criticized for his performance as a leader of the Trump Organization by his father and certainly had his father looking over his shoulders since the President has stepped down as the leader of the Trump Organization to step up as the President of the United States. The President often compares his performance to his sons, saying “I think I’ll do better.” Insiders point out the President gives his son “shit” to keep him on his toes, and that’s not a bad thing as a son or just being a kid, in general, you may not like the tough love, but it does build you, it certainly has me.

Eric in particular welcomed the challenge of running the family business. He’d always been the one most interested in construction and architecture, and many in the company assumed that he would take over day-to-day operations when his father retired. Now that he had a chance to prove himself, Eric planned to exploit every opportunity. “The stars have aligned,” he proclaimed. “Our brand is the hottest it has ever been.”

It seems it was methodically laid out that way given that Eric Trump is deemed the “builder” or the “money guy” as they’ve been able to pay down “tens of millions of dollars” in debt as they’re better suited financially now to be able to withstand the coronavirus pandemic impact.

If you watched Eric Trump’s RNC speech last week you saw the fact that he picked up his father’s ability to speak with extreme conviction, that’s a gift you need in politics, let’s just hope that if he does run and win he’ll able to deliver on those convictions. You may ask, “we’ll aren’t passion and conviction the same things?” No, they aren’t, which is what separates Eric and Don Jr., the differences are in the people, its the way they go about it, Eric is methodically disciplined and firm, where Don is emotionally unpredictably strong.

Ivanka Trump

Will a Trump Victory in November Begin a Dynasty for the Trump Family in 2024? 3 Trump
August 27, 2020, USA: In this image from the Republican National Convention video feed, First Daughter and Advisor to the President IVANKA TRUMP makes remarks introducing her father, United States President Donald J. Trump the fourth and final day of the convention on Thursday. (Credit Image: © RNC Video Feed/POOL via ZUMA Wire)

When President Trump went to Washington, D.C. his daughter Ivanka left with him. The president’s oldest daughter, who is also a senior West Wing aide may be more like her father than we think as many stories have broken over the past few days. Maryanne Trump Barry, President Donald Trump’s sister, was heard on secret audio recordings made by his niece, Mary Trump, criticizing Ivanka calling her a “mini Donald, ” is that a bad thing?

Just two days ago in his first speech since the Republican National Convention, President Trump said Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris is “not competent” enough to become the first female president, suggesting that his daughter, Ivanka, would be a much better fit. He’s given her the stamp of approval already if you ask me!

The Billion dollar princess is even more so like her father given the evil stare down Melania Trump gave her as she introduced her father to accept the parties nomination Thursday at the RNC.

Ivanka certainly has the people skills she inherited from her father, she’s certainly able to give herself credibility because she has run the family business, she doesn’t go off script often as her father does but her beauty is certainly a factor that could only help her cement herself as the first female president of the United States of America.

I bring up her beauty because those things matter to why people vote, whether or not they’re handsome or have sharp jawlines, some people really do base part of their vote on looks. Not to mention according to the WaPo she raked in $4 million in her first virtual fundraiser so she knows how to bring in money.

Out of all the Presidents children, Ivanka certainly has the stamp of approval and the demand from the people to be heard, time will only tell if the “Princess” will take America’s throne of leadership for our great people. Don’t be shocked if Ivanka runs for President as a democrat as her father has even labeled them as “New York liberals” according to a former aide in the White House.

Would you even want to vote for another Trump? The choice is yours!

Imagine if Ivanka, Eric, and Don Jr. all run in 2024, it’s gonna get VICIOUS especially considering the tension there’s always been between Ivanka and Don Jr. but there’s more between Don Jr. and Jared Kushner as Don doesn’t trust him.

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