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A Look at the Future 2024 Republican Presidential Candidates

Well with 2020 around the corner and as fast as this first term for president Trump has gone, his second term will fly by just as fast. I still believe President Trump will win by a landslide in November of 2020 and there isn’t any need to think otherwise.

I think it’s only appropriate for speculation to begin for who will run in the 2024 presidential race from the Republican party. With candidates announcing their candidacy earlier and earlier why not right?

Now as history has shown the likelihood of a Republican serving as President after another Republican isn’t likely. Both parties usually trade off into a pattern of Democrat then Republican then Republican and Democrat and so on.

But just for the hell of it lets look at who we might be seeing on our televisions and mobile devices every day during that run for President from the GOP.

Some honorable mentions would be Mike Pompeo, Eric Trump, Don Jr., John Kasich, Jeff Flake, Charlie Baker, and Larry Hogan.

Sarah Palin

Well, former Governor and Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin has been oddly quiet for some time, I’ve never thought of her career as over. I really believe with the way the political climate has been in the last 7 years this will open up a door so she can drop her hat in the race. With Palin being from Alaska I see her running on an environmental platform that really hasn’t been done by a Republican ever. She won’t even old shell be in her late 50’s when that time rolls around.

Paul Ryan

The former Speaker of the House has made it almost clear he has a vision and he’s going to set sights on 2024. With a new book that’s failing to bury the current president with criticisms, Ryan has made it clear he likes things the way they were prior to Trump. Some people will like it most Trump voters will not vote for him.

Many see him as a coward for not standing up against President Trump but then criticizing Trump after he should be said something. Some Trump haters will like him and may vote for him but there’s absolutely no way he gets the nomination much less wins the presidency. He’ll be deemed the savior of the party but inevitably be the failure.

Mitt Romney

Well, look who I have here? Third times the charm right? With Mitt throwing in his hat in the race once again I see him being a favorite because many people will feel he almost won the last time but was up against history, he’s familiar, seems like a good guy, he has more experience than before, he’s vocal and he could probably actually win this time. He has that going for him however the only downfall I see with him is like before he’s a flip-flopper on certain issues.

After the impeachment, the only way he could even win a primary is if the entire group of moderates from all parties vote for him but that ain’t happening.

Mike Pence

The other leading candidate will more than likely be Vice President Mike Pence. So many people love Trump and the combination of him having so much history with Trump would seal the deal for a vote his way if you ask many Americans.

I can see his platform being based on traditional values and religious beliefs and the old way of the real conservatives of America. They know he’s a strong man of conviction because working with Trump you have to be, but he’s also shown strength and people respect that. We all know loyalty is a must for this President but would he show his loyalty to Pence with an endorsement.

He’s really been a tremendous Vice President and given extraordinary support to President Trump and that will resonate with people especially if his duty of handling this corona-virus task force works out great.

Chris Christie

The loudmouth Trump-like former New Jersey Governor has said multiple times he’s not counting out a run for the presidency in 2024. Christie was asked whether he believed he can beat Vice President Mike Pence if he decides to run in 2024, Christie said he thinks “it’s possible to beat anybody.

Nikki Haley

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has been on everyone’s radar since leaving and I could honestly see someone from the Trump family in her administration or running mate for some reason, I just get that vibe. She’s going to be the Republicans bell of the ball when she announces her bid for the presidency.

I do think it would be possible that Trump would likely endorse Haley over Mike Pence as well. According to whispers she’s been planning it and putting things in line for the race in 2024.

She’s already set up a non-profit group which provides Haley a mechanism to interact with the lawmakers, conservative thought leaders, grassroots activists, and major Republican donors she’ll need in her corner if she runs for president.

There is absolutely no way she would win as her using a private e-mail server as Hillary Clinton would immediately backfire.

 Donald Trump Jr.

Trump Jr. who’s currently serving as a trustee and executive vice president for the Trump Organization. He’s been touring around the country on all the media outlets being very outspoken has been been very critical of his father’s critics. He’s also been doing fundraisers and attending political events for Republicans getting an inside deeper feel for the process. Unless he’s been striving to be a major political strategist I see him aiming for the presidency.

He’s definitely inherited his father’s ways of punching back twice as hard and taking no bull shit from critics or opposing candidates.

Trey Gowdy

Perhaps the diamond in the rough and a strict Constitutionalist which mirrors, in my opinion, former Congressman and 3-time Presidential candidate Ron Paul would cement the change that we’ve wanted and received.

If Gowdy became President he would bring a certain degree of justice and transparency we’ve never seen. He’s well-spoken, truthful, fair, tough and honest. He’s the guy who called out Hillary Clinton and went after James Comey for his bull shit investigation into the Hillary Clinton Benghazi scandal.

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