Last week the headline that came out was that singer Bette Midler mocked and made fun of First Lady of the United States Melania Trump after her speech at the RNC.

You know what’s crazy that I didn’t see any of it covered on CNN or MSNBC personally, it may have but I watch a lot of news but if I didn’t see it and they really didn’t speak about, how is that not hypocritical?

Bette Midler Slams Melania Trump With Xenophobic Like Tweets 2 Melania

If President Trump would have made those comments the media would have slammed so hard he’d be glued to the wall for making xenophobic comments, isn’t the saying true, “what’s good for the goose is for the gander, ” I guess not for the left apparently.

I would love to see both Bette and Melania have a discussion with foreign exchange students from around the world and would bet money Melania comes out on top, especially given the fact she speaks English, French, Slovenian, Italian, German, and Serbo-Croatian but I guess you have to do your homework to figure the simple things out.

Were Bette Midler's tweets xenophobic?

Melania a Mail Order Bride?

The Grammy Award winner didn’t stop at making fun of the First Lady’s English, she sunk even lower in the pile of shit she stepped in implying Mrs. Trump was a mail order bride, knowing she’s not, why would she do that? Because she’s foreign and has an accent, the hypocrisy from these people is unbelievable.

Isn’t it ironic, the hate and disgusts that she says she hates about President Trump for is actually the same reason she’s getting for doing the same thing she claims he does right? Hypocrisy!

Midler Gets Heat

Bette Midler Slams Melania Trump With Xenophobic Like Tweets 3 Melania
Bette Midler Slams Melania Trump With Xenophobic Like Tweets 4

“As a Mexican immigrant I am very offended at your prejudice!” someone else commented. “My hard-working parents with accents love and value this country! We put everything into what we do and do not expect to be treated unfairly because we may not sound like you! Practice what you preach!”

Midler didn’t back down tweeting a defense to the criticisms.

We know she wasn’t sorry, she felt the pressure that she probably thought she was absolved from, the liberal medicine they deserve to swallow is extremely sweet, because not long after that I’m sure her publicist told her she better put her ass in gear and recant.

Miller has been a critical figure of the Trump administration on an outspoken and consistent basis like last year where she accused the President of paying black supporters to be at his rallies.

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