You would think that everything Trump would be tumbling down for the President and his administration and his re-election campaign at that, but no.

In the 24 hours that followed Pelosi’s Tuesday announcement, Trump and the Republican National Committee raised $5 million from online donors in all 50 states, campaign manager Brad Parscale said. 

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In addition to the online money, he was expected to have raised $5 million for his reelection from a Wednesday night fundraiser, followed by an additional $3 million from a Thursday morning breakfast, according to an RNC official. Reaching over $13 million so far this week.

The Republican National Committee and Trump’s re-election campaign teamed up in the fundraising effort, sending off a flurry of emails asking conservatives to help the “Official Impeachment Defense Task Force,” according to a report from Politico.

The Democratic National Committee similarly reported a surge in fundraising after sending out a fundraising appeal late Tuesday urging donors to “stand with Speaker Pelosi as the House moves forward with an official impeachment inquiry.”

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But we know Trump and the RNC have raked a total of $53 million while the DNC is $7 million in debt. Nobody can defeat the president in this race.

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