Stacey Dash is most famously known for her role in Dionne Davenport’s big hit ‘Clueless’ was arrested for domestic battery in Florida.

According to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, the incident happened at an apartment on Avana Way just before 8 p.m. Deputies say 52-year-old Dash got into a verbal argument with the victim, who was not identified by the sheriff’s office.

‘I did a film called Clueless’: @PascoSheriff releases bodycam video of actress Stacey Dash’s arrest in New Port Richey

An arrest report says Dash pushed the victim and slapped him in the face. The victim suffered red scratch marks on his arm from being pushed, deputies say.

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Dash was taken into custody for domestic battery and taken to the Land O’ Lakes detention facility. Dash ran for office in 2018 and was an outspoken defender of the president immigration policy that got her a lot of heat. Look for the haters to pour gasoline on this and switch to harsher narratives simply because she is a woman of color and a trump supporter.

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