Troy Aikman Throws Shade at Patrick Mahomes Over Comparison

Sunday The Athletic Kansas City posted an interesting stat that got people talking and roasting NFL Hall of Fame Troy Aikman. I wasn’t sure if he was going to respond since it didn’t have him tagged in the post, but he heard about it.

The Athletic Kansas City tweeted out, ICYMI: “Patrick Mahomes has thrown 36% of Troy Aikman’s career touchdowns, in about 8% of the games.”

Apparently, Aikman has a Google notification on his name that let him know what was going on, he obviously wasn’t taking anyone lightly after seeing his tweet.


Out of all quarterbacks with a minimum of 2 Super Bowls, only Aikman had the highest conversion of passer rating from the regular season to a championship win.

 Tom Brady: 97.6 -> 92.3
Joe Montana: 92.3 -> 111.4
Troy Aikman: 81.6 -> 112.6
Bart Starr: 80.5 -> 108.6
Terry Bradshaw: 70.9 -> 93.0

I find his tweet truthful but bitter, Aikman’s best career year was 3,445 and 23 touchdowns and he’s trying to call out a kid that threw over 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns in his first year as a starter. You may have been clutch but you’ll never be Montana.

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