Cam Newton has plunged from stardom in the NFL and become a joke as of late, the past couple years to be honest. With a nagging foot injury and a backup quarterback who’s hungry, he’s certainly become a shell of himself since that Super Bowl run the Carolina Panthers failed on.

His performance does not equate to deserving his $20 million-plus salary he’s getting with two more seasons left on his contract. He’s become a shell of himself. How do you start the season last year 6-2 to a miserable 7-9 then continue it 1-2 this year? Huge disappointment.

Will Cam Newton be fired from the Carolina Panthers?

He’s been in the league since 2011 and has only started all 16 games 5 times through that tenure, while only one since his 2015 MVP season (99.4) has he elevated his passer rating above 90, and that was only last year(94.2) where they collapsed miserably.

I’d honestly be shocked if he were to stay in Carolina especially with owners who want to see their investment pay off and waste away with 0 consistency. If they did cut him by next summer they would only be liable to eat just $2 million in wasted money, that’s better than $20 million a year that’s wasted anyway you look at it.

Cam Newton will be Fired at the End of the 2019 Season! Here's Why 2 Cam Newton
Cam Newton will be Fired at the End of the 2019 Season! Here's Why 3 Cam Newton

Nobody is refuting the fact that Cam Newton is a great athlete he is, but has his arm been lost making him not so good at quarterbacking anymore? He won’t play week 4 with the foot injury against Houston and if Allen wins and plays well this looks really bad for the 2015 MVP.

Meaning if Kyle Allen pulls off a win against Deshaun and the Texans, probably not, but if he does that means they had the offense all along to win just not a quarterback. He’s evoking more and more distractions/criticisms with his attire because nobody makes a big deal out of it when he’s winning but since he’s not performing it’s a different story.

Regardless of his attire has anything to do with his foot or performance the optics are being looked at different and it’s not favorable for Newton.

Look for the Carolina Panthers to move forward in 2020 with a new quarterback either with Allen or a first-round draft pick and maybe even cutting ties with head coach Ron Rivera.

I always thought Cam was overrated as a quarterback and believed RG3 was the better all-around quarterback, but he ended up proving me wrong. However, none of my beliefs matter anymore. What does this do for minorities in key positions in the NFL? I don’t know that either.

The 2011 NFL Draft Class for quarterbacks has not been good at all with a list of these quarterbacks that either flopped, had major controversies started off well and dwindled down, it just hasn’t been good. Defense clearly ruled for this draft class with the likes of Von Miller and JJ Watt.

Here are the most notable QBs of 2011 NFL Draft Class:

  • Cam Newton
  • Andy Dalton
  • Ricky Stanzi
  • T.J. Yates
  • Jake Locker
  • Christian Ponder
  • Colin Kaepernick
  • Ryan Mallet
  • Blaine Gabbert

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