Listen after the terrible events of last years shooting, the police have finally come out and released their findings into the Las Vegas shootings.

The supposed “lone shooter” was Stephen Paddock who fired out his Mandalay Bay hotel room window from the 32nd floor. He fired upon 22,000 concert goers killing 58 and wounding over 800. This incident marks the latest mass shooting in American History.

Second Las Vegas Shooter? 03/06/2019 2 Las Vegas

There are so many things that make this investigation closing findings fall flat. They found no motive and they emphatically state there was only one shooter but evidence begins to stack up against it. There have been tons of periscopes and Facebook lives that indicate there was been a second shooter, not to mention thousands of eyewitness testimony claiming the same thing.

Evidence of 2nd Shooter…

There were two rooms connected, one room locked from the inside not where the Paddock the “lone shooter” was found. The fact that there were two laptops found in the room and one of the hard drives was missing. When police broke into the room the shooter was found dead with gloves on, but upon entering the connected room that had been locked from the inside they discovered a separate pair of gloves someone left inside.

Second Las Vegas Shooter? 03/06/2019 3 Las Vegas

Bryan Hodges a man who claimed to have stayed in the room that was connected to Paddocks room in Australian interviews. He also worked with the shooter’s wife at a casino, Marilou the wife of Stephen Paddock was heavily political. But let me get this right the shooter was a trump supporter but yet shot trump supporters???? at a country music concert??? Really??? That doesn’t make sense.

Second Las Vegas Shooter? 03/06/2019 4 Las VegasThere was said to be .308 caliber ammunition found in the room. When soundbites were calculated from how far the gunfire was to the target. Because bullets travel faster than sound, the distinct sounds of bullets hitting the pavement are heard in the recordings first, before the thumping sounds of the gunfire arrive. By measuring the delay between the two sounds, one could determine how far away the shooter was.

Second Las Vegas Shooter? 03/06/2019 5 Las Vegas

The .308 caliber ammunition is said to travel between 250-275 yards. The gun initially used by paddock was shot from a range of 425-475 yards with a .223 Remington which is roughly the distance between the Mandalay Bay and the concert venue. Unless Paddock was shooting two guns at the same time there had to of been a second shooter. This doesn’t seem like the complete truth for those affected by the horrific shootings. The kicker also is when he went to go eat the day before a receipt was found with the number of guests, 2.

Second Las Vegas Shooter? 03/06/2019 6 Las Vegas

The investigation findings seem to have many holes in it. Do you agree? Do you think there was a second shooter?

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Second Las Vegas Shooter? 03/06/2019 7 Las Vegas

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