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On March 3, 2018, biologist Richard Dawkins advocated eating human meat. He was perplexed for some odd reason that there may even be a taboo against cannibalism. He hoped it would become a reality by the end of 2018. Really? Am I being punked right now?

Dawkins based his urge for this on there being no desecration, no killing, no corpses & no bad consequences at all. Therefore, with no negativity humans would come to his realization and just enjoy it. There is no way in hell any person, sane, would commit to this. I think most people don’t even like the idea of eating cloned meat whatsoever, much less anything lab created. The first lab-grown meat was created in 2013, so even that’s relatively new. The meat was grown by a pharmacologic in the Netherlands.

Cannibalism itself is unsafe for biological reasons alone, not to mention ethical. From the ethical standpoint, do you really need me to tell you eating your neighbor is not a good idea? God, what is wrong with the human mind anymore. I mean many of us may screw like rabbits but we don’t need to eat them, as some do newborns in bad conditions.

If cannibalism became normalized, many souls would disappear. The soul identifies who we are and what we are. If cannibalism was widespread people would stop seeing people as people. Individuals are essential to mankind, more so than a group of people. I believe the 1 in 500, is more important than the 500 itself. A populous is good when identifying a group, but every person needs to identify with themselves and only them in order to be unique.

The human body is 125,822 calories according to James Cole archaeologist from the University of Brighton. Sounds good right? But eating human meat can cause severe damage. Prions are indeed a huge risk in consuming human flesh. “Prions are proteins that can adopt two different forms, a normal form, and a misfolded form.” In animals, there are severe risks of attaining too many prions, especially in cows because it causes mad cow disease.

Even consuming human brains can lead to another brain deteriorating disease known as Kuru disease. Kuru is the human version of mad cow. Ulcers, HIV, constipation, seizures, are all diseases you can get consuming human meat.
Just Don’t Eat Anybody

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