Moments ago, Judge Amy Berman Jackson has sentenced Trump ally Roger Stone to 40 months in prison. He was convicted last year on seven charges of obstruction, lying to Congress and witness tampering.

Stone was found guilty in November on seven counts of lying to Congress, obstruction and witness tampering.

Prosecutors were seeking seven to nine years in prison for Stone until the president sounded his criticisms after that Attorney General William Barr retracted that recommendation hours after president Trumps tweet.

Judge Jackson who was appointed by Obama, says Roger Stone’s prosecution was not the result of enabling anyone to have a political advantage or to vilify the defendant.

“It arose because Roger Stone characteristically inserted himself smack in the middle of one of the most incendiary issues of the day…At his core, Mr. Stone is an insecure person who craves and recklessly pursues attention,” Judge Jackson added.

Stone is now the sixth Trump aide convicted in a criminal case resulting from Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.

Presiding Judge Jackson already determined that if sentenced to prison, Stone won’t be detained immediately. He is still challenging his conviction by claiming juror misconduct, and Jackson is separately still considering his request for a new trial.

If this is precedent let’s get a trial for Comey and McCabe who committed the exact same offenses while running the nation’s top agencies. Maybe CNN can be there at their front doors when they get arrested. He fucked up, but they fucked up even worse.

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