Pope Francis Doesn't Give a Damn if He's “Attacked by Americans” 1 Francis

Pope Francis Doesn’t Give a Damn if He’s “Attacked by Americans”

The Pope told a French reporter, Nicholas Seneze, who currently wrote “How America Wants to Change Popes,” that he considers it “an honor to be attacked by Americans.” When Francis was handed the book he then remarked that “this is a bombshell,” inferring disregard for Seneze’s findings.

A papal spokesman Matteo Bruni sought to clarify Francis’ response to the new book.

Pope Francis Doesn't Give a Damn if He's “Attacked by Americans” 2 Francis

“In an informal context the Pope wanted to say that he always considers it an honor to be criticized, especially when it comes from authoritative voices, and in this case from an important nation,” Bruni said.

I call Bull Sh**! Why? Because there are hundreds of priests and people within the catholic community who want him out. Senèze’s book focuses on two campaigns launched by American Catholics disturbed by the innovations of Francis’ papacy.

As I’ve written before they have asked for him to be removed due to acts of heresy along with mishandling abuse allegations and theological reforms to the church, economical criticisms, climate change, the death penalty, among divorced and remarried people accepting communion have all been problems among others.

Pope Francis Doesn't Give a Damn if He's “Attacked by Americans” 3 Francis

Francis and his people have attempted to sway this towards a conservative right-wing conspiracy against him which is a joke. He’s playing politics and not following the dogma he’s supposed to defend.

Francis needs to go immediately he’s a horrible leader and any MAN who preaches pray to me to speak to God is a blasphemer and anti-Christian. I’m catholic and this has never ever been okay. His relationship with the United States has not improved and won’t especially because with the pedophilia findings and cover-ups by the church and false rehabilitation this pope is supposedly doing.

50% of Americans don’t like or trust him. Your end is coming to you Pope Francis, you’re not a good person and this lie that you portray will get you punished by Jesus Christ.

Pope Francis Doesn't Give a Damn if He's “Attacked by Americans” 4 Francis
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