It’s been a hell of a season for football fans this year with great games, horrible headlines, dramatic wins, terrible losses and unexpected finishes. Every year the NFL hands out who they think are the most deserving players that outperformed their competition, so they say but if they get it wrong this is how the list of winners should go.

Most Valuable Player

Patrick Mahomes

In a league of his own. Patrick Mahomes joins the NFL’s 5K club and becomes the first player ever to throw for 5,000 yards in a season at both the collegiate & NFL levels. He also becomes only the third Quarterback in NFL history to throw 50TD’s in a single season joining Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.
Runner-Up: Drew Brees

Coach of the Year

Matt Nagy

A former employee of our Kansas City Chiefs has shined like a diamond this year with the Chicago Bears. I don’t think anyone can argue with this choice. The bears have finished 12-4 clinching their division a long way from 5-11 last year without him. And he beats out my coach of the year Andy Reid, his former boss.
Runner-Up: Andy Reid

Comeback Player of the Year

Andrew Luck

I’m not a fan of luck but it’s undeniable he’s got talent and its massive. He threw for 39 TD’s and nearly 5,000 yards. Colts record with Andrew Luck healthy:
2012: 11-5, playoffs
2013: 11-5, playoffs
2014: 11-5, playoffs
2018: 10-6, playoffs
That’s pretty amazing.
Runner Up: Adrian Peterson

Defensive Player of the Year

Khalil Mack

16.5 of Aaron Donald’s 19.5 sacks this season have come in games in which his team has scored >30 points. 9.5 of Khalil Mack’s 12.5 sacks this season have come in games in which his team has scored <30 points. Mack is more crucial to his team’s success.
Runner-Up: Aaron Donald

Offensive Player of the Year

Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott through his first 3 seasons, he has an average of 101.2 rushing yards per game. 4,000 yards through his first 40 games.
All-time leaders:
1. Jim Brown …….. 104.3
2. Ezekiel Elliott …. 101.2
3. Barry Sanders … 99.8
4. Terrell Davis ……. 97.5
5. Eric Dickerson … 90.8
Most 100-yard rushing games this season:
Ezekiel Elliott: 7
Todd Gurley: 6
Saquon Barkley: 6
James Conner: 5
Chris Carson: 5
Most 100-yard rushing games since 2016:
Ezekiel Elliott: 19
Jordan Howard: 13
Todd Gurley: 12
LeSean McCoy: 12
He’s a special talent and a threat obviously, but something about him I never really caught on to. But you can’t argue with what he’s done.
Runner-Up: Patrick Mahomes

Offensive Rookie of the Year

Baker Mayfield

Let’s finish this argument, Saquan Barkley is a Top 5 player at his position, and Baker Mayfield is not. However, Baker has meant more to his team winning and it counting opposed to Saquan Barkley. Not to mention breaking the all-time TD’s thrown by a rookie quarterback with 27, capturing the sole record for that position.
Runner-Up: Saquan Barkley

Assistant Coach of the Year

Eric Bienemy

Eric Bienemy – offensive coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs and #1 ranked offense in the NFL. Everyone thought since Matt Nagy left and Patrick Mahomes came in it would be different, well it was and they clicked but it should be shared with Andy Reid.
Runner-Up: Andy Reid

Defensive Rookie of the Year

Leighton Vander Esch

He has been a miracle for the Dallas Cowboys defense, not to mention he racked up 176 tackles this year. They wouldn’t have won games if he didn’t become the face of the defense.
Runner-Up: Derwin James

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