Arturo Gatti. Oscar de la Hoya. Mike Tyson. George Foreman. Floyd Mayweather. Manny Pacquiao. Naseem Hamed, Roy Jones, Shane Mosley and Bernard Hopkins. Those were just a few of the names who had come up on HBO Boxing. That shit was my childhood. Truly heartbroken to hear that HBO Boxing has ended its casting regime. Thanks for all the memories ❤️HBO. I would never be able to duplicate all the moments of our favorite fights and fighters we rooted for.

End of an era had me in tears. I experienced some of the best exitements of my life since I was a little boy with HBO Boxing. There will never be another Jim Lampley, Max Kellerman, Larry Merchant, Emmanuel Steward and Roy Jones Jr. Thank you for everything you did for the beautiful sport of boxing, fans mad of up families everywhere are Eternally grateful HBO. ?
An incredible 45 years that will never be copied. This was by far the saddest video of 2018 for me and 2019 marks the first time in 45 years where boxing legends are put to rest, while the memories become pure Memorex.

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