– Julian Assange – The Bravest Man of This Millennium Pt. 1

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Julian Assange is without a doubt one of the smartest, and arguably the bravest man of my generation.

I do not apologize if that statement upsets you. A man that has unleashed truth as Assange has, makes him the biggest target in the world right now. With that being said, I have a very hard time believing he left himself completely vulnerable to the whims of corrupt politicians and countries to ultimately become a shell of a man trapped in a tiny room. Is this isolation part of a plan?

It’s far more practical to me that a man who has successfully revealed dangerous truths all his life and changed the world numerous times has always made sure he had a winning card to play. I just cannot see him being at the mercy of corruptionists. Julian’s intelligence is the key to everything that’s happened particularly here in the United States whether it was under the Obama, Trump or even Bush administrations.

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Julian and WikiLeaks have exposed dark secrets by governments domestic and foreign. These secrets are vast, from NSA wiretapping individuals home and abroad every second of every day via Edward Snowden to the democratic party corruption e-mails, the Chelsea Manning leaks including the Afghan and Iraq logs along with the Guantanamo files to name a few. Not one time did any of these people or entities that were exposed deny any of this, they changed the narrative and focused on being hacked, what does this say to you?

I have said it previously, and I will say it again Julian Assange should receive the Nobel Peace Prize. I must also mention that since its inception WikiLeaks has never ever been proven wrong nor released anything that’s been false, not once.

The only thing that will make a difference for Julian Assange is public pressure. Don’t be afraid to get loud and be vocal about what you want this administration to do with Wikileaks, Julian Assange, and freedom of the press.

The United States has no Jurisdiction trying Assange who is not a United States citizen.
There is no fraud, no conspiracy, no conversion or theft, merely leaks that any journalist would report & honest publishers would fight for the right to publish. The TRUTH is not accepted by governments who do dirt and hide secrets. Where is the Australian government in any of this?

“We cannot build a just civilization out of ignorance and lies — we have to educate each other. We have to celebrate those who reveal the truth and denounce those who poison our ability to comprehend the world that we live in.”

To Be Continued…..

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