The fact that the media is increasingly making the case solely about the Trump administration throwing tear gas and only ever being used by this administration and none before is absolute complete fake news. I hate to use that term but because that’s what it is fake news.
The question is why did they not freak out before? Freaking out now is correct, but because its this President is a bad hypocritical precedent the media continues to propagate.

I still don’t understand why using anti-riot tools against an unlawful crowd causes outrage. Would they prefer to live ammo being used?

Also compared to rubber bullets, batons, electric weapons, and high ‘pressure’ water canons tear gas is far less brutal! There are 9,000 people camped out at the border of Baja California and Mexico. Mexican officials have already said that 500 people have already attempted to storm the border, while border patrol age ts day more.
So much fake concern these days from the media, it’s insane. If Trump threw bags of potpourri at the border the media would still pretend to be outraged.

Tear gas usage at the border by year according to the Department of Homeland Security (because border patrol keeps records).

Pepper Spray

Not The 1st Time Tear Gas has Been Used! 1 Gas

Why is 2018 the only time the media has freaked out about it?

Brandon Judd who is the president of the National Border Patrol Council was flabbergasted because the hypocritical outrage and even pointed out that it was an Obama administration written policy.
Judd also didn’t agree with reports that border agents were throwing tear gas at children. Judd said, “they were attempting to use them as human shields.”

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