Joe Flacco is a scumbag after dismissing his role as a leader yesterday when asked about his role as a developer and mentor to a young Drew Lock.

Joe Flacco Proved Yesterday Why Alex Smith Is the Ultimate Pro Quarterback 2 Joe flacco

The problem is this is gonna bite him in the ass when they start losing. Because not only is he not winning games, but he’s going to be viewed as a non team player, making it easier to justify benching him.

Let’s be honest, Flacco doesn’t have anything to teach right? He doesn’t read a defense, he doesn’t call audibles, he doesn’t know how to follow through progression with Wideouts, he just stares down receivers, it might actually be beneficial to Lock.

Joe Flacco Proved Yesterday Why Alex Smith Is the Ultimate Pro Quarterback 3 Joe flacco

Alex Smith mentored Colin Kaepernick and Patrick Mahomes, knowing full well he’d lose his starting job to each of them and i still say he was and is a better Quarterback than Colin. Nonetheless, that is how a professional quarterback does things.

However, due to Andy Reid’s system and offensive coordinator in Matt Nagy Alex was rewarded with $71M guaranteed in likely his last extended contract. Pays to be a good person. I hear the argument about Flacco and Lamar Jackson, its lot the same thing, why? Because Smith was still performing at a high level, even his highest and it happened Flacco was not. This a quote from Alex Smith in the image below.

Joe Flacco Proved Yesterday Why Alex Smith Is the Ultimate Pro Quarterback 4 Joe flacco

Alex Smith should be a legend in Kansas City. He brought up the QB play from the garbage to playoff worthy. Alex will go down as one of my favorite Chiefs players of all time. He along with Andy Reid brought winning back to KC and stability at the QB position which we hadn’t had since Trent Green.

I feel bad for Alex Smith, because he was never appreciated by some in Kansas City and many in the San Francisco fan base even though he’s in the top of the most winningest quarterbacks in the past 10 years, and now, his career could be over. If he retires I would love for him to come coach under Big Red after Bienemy is gone.

It’s becoming more common for veteran quarterbacks to feel this way, or at least a more apparent. Hell, even my favorite quarterback of all time in Brett Favre did it to Aaron Rodgers, and Big Ben basically refused to help Steelers 3rd round choice last season. What should the veteran QB’s do? Do they owe the young guys? Do they owe the game? What are your thoughts?

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