Warren blasted DeVos’ lack of public education experience in a new email and promised to choose a former public school teacher to fill DeVos’ old spot if elected. The Democratic presidential candidate is a former special education teacher who often talks about her early hopes to work in education.

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“Let’s get a person with real teaching experience. A person who understands how low pay, tattered textbooks, and crumbling classrooms hurt students and educators,” Warren said.

Warren went even further burying the Current Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos with this tweet :

This is where the government gets out of control and why they should never be involved with running the education system. Nothing in the constitution grants them permission to be involved in education, but ‘their’ plot for brainwashing is coming full circle which is why over 65% of all college graduates lean liberal. The government should never have a right to set curriculum but this has made sure they have.

Pretty soon these people will say it must be charter schools then they’ll outlaw private schooling and finally place a ban on homeschooling, this big brother involvement in education has been a mistake.

People just realize what Elizabeth Warren and the others have done in the past sounds great its never worked otherwise why do we have this continuous conversation about fixing the system. The more you create a national brand of education the more likely the government will have to indoctrinate the masses to believe what they want.

My vote for the secretary of education would be Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World.

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