After weeks of speculation, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced his campaign for the 2020 Democratic nomination this cool fall day donning a purple tie in his launch video and presenting a campaign logo that’s half blue, half red, nods to what he hopes will be a bipartisan appeal.

Bloomberg is 77 years old while President Trump is 73 years old for perspective. Bloomberg’s net worth is roughly $54 billion according to forbes.

The video accompanying his announcement, part of an initial $34 million ad buy where they will hit heavy in swing states in Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. His Campaign seeks to play up his middle-class upbringing in Medford, Mass combatting Trump’s “silver spoon.”

It's Official - Michael Bloomberg is Running for President 2 Michael Bloomberg

You may have more money than Trump but mark my words no money in the world can stop a political revolution from happening and that’s, MAGA. NOBODY can defeat the president who’s already in the race and you’ll suffer the same loss as well.

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