It’s officially John McCain Day, yay, NOT, nobody gives a shit. He was a horrible person who did and allowed horrible things.

Do you care if it's John McCain Day?

John McCain doesn’t deserve a day if you’re asking me, why? Well if you really look at what he did and stood for and the hypocrisy he demonstrated you’d care just as less.

God will make John McCain pay for what he did to innocent people for his own benefit. These are just a few of the occurrence where John McCain the image meets John McCain the real person and its not pretty.

  • He’s a warmonger who sent thousands of people to die.
  • Instigated the deaths of 100’s of thousands of innocent people all because of profit and fake diplomacy.
  • Voted for wars.
  • Didn’t hold up his oath to the constitution. voted on the patriot act.
  • Was a mainstay at parties with these pedophiles.
  • Wanted the war in the middle east to last 100 years.
  • Voted for the continuation of Obamacare.
  • Russian Dossier.
  • He’s a Republican but yet voted to increase the budget every time.
  • He wanted the United States to get trillion in debt, so he could do more backdoor deals.

You can have John McCain because real Americans realize he lost his way. The oath he took to defend the united states Constitution died somewhere along the way his interests surpassed them.

It's John McCain Day & Should Anybody Care? No 2 John McCain

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone dies people want to act fake by kissing ass to the dead person, STOP ⛔ IT. BE REAL?. If you didn’t like them when they were alive don’t behave as if you do when they’re dead. Regardless if Trump really doesn’t like him or that he bashes McCain for political reasons, I’m glad because he was a horrible person. We were blessed never to have him as President.

Happy Birthday President Donald John Trump?

Please tell me how you feel about McCain Below.

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