President Trump confirmed that Sanders is returning to her home state of Arkansas, where he hopes she will run for governor. Sanders hasn’t held a press briefing since March. Honestly, I am shocked, publically I’ve seen her be Trump’s bulletproof vest against the media.

President Trump endorsed the idea if her becoming it at least running for governor. President Trump raised the soon to be White House press secretary on Twitter just an hour ago, here is what he tweeted.

Sarah will have spent just under two years in the Press Secretary role, less time than any of the Obama administration’s three press secretaries. The record is held by James Hagerty, who held the role for all eight years of the Eisenhower administration.

Trump has named no replacement for Sarah Huckabee Sanders yet. Mick Mulvaney is currently the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, acting White House Chief of Staff, and acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, so maybe he can do it, or I say bring back Marriuci.

President Trump is right she’s a warrior and she’s lied no doubt but what White House press secretary hasn’t? Exactly. She did her job she gave answers they didn’t want to hear, she protected the United States, she loves this country and protected this President. The liberal media has been very rough on Sarah Sanders but make no mistake Sarah leaves as a beloved rock star.

Leave your comments below on how you feel about Sarah Sanders leaving.

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